Sample Job Interview Questions

Preparing for the job interview can be a stressful time. What will they ask me? How can I prepare? What should I be thinking about as I go into the interview? These and other questions pop into your head as you get ready for that important job interview.

CPRS became interested in what questions were being asked of today’s candidates. We sent out a general call for interview questions and you responded! We have compiled (to the best of our ability) over 400 questions that are being asked in job interviews. We have organized the questions into the following mega-categories:

Some of the positions indicate written questions so prepare for that. Be sure to do your “homework” on the agency. Check out their website, program brochures and even attending a special event can give you valuable insights into the agency. Good luck in that job interview and let us know if these questions help you prepare!

If you have questions you’d like to submit, please send them to Jane H. Adams,