VIP 2.0 Conference Activities

Broad-based feedback is needed to help us update the VIP Plan. The CPRS Conference & Expo in Long Beach will include several activities to collect your ideas, insights, and comments for VIP 2.0:

  • VIP Think Tank. Get tanked at the CPRS Conference! In the Expo Hall, join our think tank of professionals to brainstorm strategies, identify best practices and make a list of the tools that will be needed to advance our profession. Only a few minutes are needed to share your insights and see what others have to say.
    (3/9 and 3/10, Expo Hall, Booth #541)
  • Administrators' Section Feature Session: X-treme Professionalism: Leaders for 2020 and Beyond. A new generation of professionals is emerging as leaders in parks and recreation. They bring different ideals, values, skills and knowledge, and they stand poised to rock our profession. If you are one of our profession’s leaders in the next five to 10 years, join this session for a lively discussion about who we are, what we value, the skills we provide, the trends we see and the tools and resources we need to be successful in the future.
    (Wednesday, 3/9, 4:30-5:30pm)
  • CPRS Administrators' Section Breakfast Meeting: VIP 2.0. Many agency administrators and CPRS sponsors have been in the profession long enough to recognize the impacts of the original VIP Plan as well as the new directions needed in the future. The keynote presentation at the Administrators’ Breakfast will include an introduction of VIP 2.0, highlights from questionnaire findings and an interactive polling exercise to incorporate the expertise of the Administrators’ Section in identifying strategic directions for the new action plan.
    (Thursday, 3/10, 7:30am-9:00am Hyatt Regency; by invitation.)
  • VIP 2.0 Roundtable: The POWER of our Profession. Gone are the days of debating whether we provide essential services. In the next 10 years, parks and recreation professionals will be on the front lines in addressing major statewide issues such as community health, social equity and environmental protection. The best of CPRS are being assembled for a one-hour work session. Small groups will define the tools, resources and actions needed to prepare ourselves, our staff and our future leaders for the challenges that lie ahead. (Thursday, 3/10, 11am-12:00pm, Expo Hall Roundtables; by invitation only. If you need an invitation, please drop by Booth #541 to see if there is space for you to attend.)
  • Looking Ahead: 2020 Leadership. This four-hour session continues the conversation about the leaders of tomorrow and the future of our profession. It will include a discussion of the mega-forces disrupting the way that parks and recreation departments do their work, as well as the big challenges facing our communities in the next five to seven years. Using this information, the session will focus on new approaches for doing our work, the organizational culture needed to attract, retain and grow talent and new competencies for 21st century leaders in parks and recreation.
    (Friday, 3/11, 12:00-4:00pm, by RSVP.)


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