11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Developing an Evaluative Hiring Process for Seasonal Staff!

  • Evaluate your organization and your open position’s goals and whether the current process supports the mission of finding the best person for the job
  • Participate in “real-life” exercises to thoroughly evaluate applicants for seasonal positions

Nicole Van Winkle, Project Manager, Counsilman-Hunsaker

Enhancing Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

  • Identify and explore the critical thinking skills needed for complex decision making and problem solving by executive level managers
  • Describe the challenges and behavioral dimensions of decision-making applied to both a theoretical case study and real-life problems and challenges

Michael Shellito, President, Shellito Training and Consulting

Handling Bid Protests - Understand the Legal Issues and Take Charge

  • Explain how to handle bid protests for your agency’s projects
  • Distinguish between meritorious bid protests and those that your agency should reject

Chris Fallon, Attorney, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

How to be Successful at Sponsorship Sales

  • Explain at least two ways to increase government agency sponsorship dollars a minimum of 20% within one year
  • Discuss how to develop sponsorship programs for a variety of sponsors, large and small

Sylvia Allen, President, Allen Consulting, Inc.

How to Train the Best and Brightest and Build the Strongest Team

  • Explain why the traditional classroom style training is not the best method to teach Part-Time Recreation Leaders
  • Generate a comprehensive training program for part-time staff (both new and returning) that caters to the specific needs of your department and/or programs

Cindy Bagley, Recreation Program Supervisor, Town of Windsor Parks & Recreation Department

Inclusive Fitness in Parks

  • Share provided tools to assess a park’s value to the surrounding community in terms of fitness opportunities targeting diverse demographics
  • Articulate proven methods to execute fitness opportunities in parks that maximize overall health to the community

Jennifer French, Accessibility Advisor, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness
Allison Abel, Marketing Manager, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Partnering with Non-Profits

  • Identify existing programs within your agency that can benefit from partnerships with non-profits
  • Explain the importance of partnering with non-profits for park agencies in today’s economy

Vicki Israel, Assistant General Manager, City of Los Angeles

Practical Ideas - CPRS Maintenance School Innovative Highlights

  • Collect through short presentations, maintenance-oriented strategies developed by local agency parks & recreation staff
  • Identify and learn application of maintenance efficiency techniques presented to determine usefulness at your workplace

Moderator: Craig Bronzan, Principal, Bronzan Consulting, Regent, CPRS Maintenance Management School
Tried & True Projects from varied Maintenance School student presentations

Seniors Working Alongside You: The Power of Community Advocacy

  • Define the power of advocacy by volunteers and professionals to promote the work and mission of your organization
  • Discuss groups within your community that can provide additional insights for decisions and programs, facilities and user needs using proven models

Lori Hoffner, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.

Statewide Healthy Play Campaign: Putting Research to Practice

  • Identify research-based design strategies and considerations for promoting health and wellness in community park designs
  • Discuss model projects of distinction that intentionally align and advocate for physical activity, inclusion, and engaging with nature

Lisa Moore, Senior V.P. of Corporate Strategic Services, PlayCore
Jennie Sumrell, Director of Education, PlayCore
Stephanie Stephens, CAE, Executive Director, CPRS                                                                                                  
Top 10 Ways to Have Politics Work for You

  • Describe how to use the political process to make effective change
  • Explain how to be more effective at negotiation, compromise, and communication

Paul Romero, Executive Director, California Association of Park & Recreation Commissioners and Board Members

Understanding the Management of Emergencies

  • Explain the emergency management system and how it relates to city department programs within Community Resources/Recreation Departments
  • Discuss emergency management’s relationship within the local city, county, state and beyond

Brenda Emrick, Community Emergency Response Team Coordinator, Costa Mesa Fire Department

Water Management Strategies for Agencies –  Exploring Solutions using Situational Exercises

  • Participate in “situation room” techniques focusing on the question “how can we best manage water resources using practical techniques?”
  • Generate interaction and insights based on experiences and report back conclusions to the entire group, then learn what the “actual” solution was from a “real-world” circumstance

Moderators: Derek Neumann, Regent, CPRS Maintenance Management School & Kyla Brown, Chair, CPRS Maintenance Management School
Philip Marino, Irrigation Conservation Specialist, City of Ontario
Bob Moxley, Resource Manager, Calsense