10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Aquatics Power 25: Tips from Industry Leaders

  • List five traits of highly successful and effective leaders in the aquatic industry and how these skills can be incorporated into your leadership style
  • Analyze and determine why aquatics is your chosen field and learn what motivates you to be successful

Jenni Worsham, Recreation Supervisor, Cypress Recreation & Park District
Heather Woodland, Director of Operations, Commercial Aquatic Services, Inc.

Building High-Performing Teams

  • Describe the key traits of high-performance teams
  • Share strategies for team leaders and team members to build effective teams

Dr. Frank Benest, Consultant, Retired City Manager

Defusing & Resolving Difficult Customer Issues

  • Explain the fundamentals of proactive effective & efficient customer service
  • Summarize and demonstrate proactive effective & efficient customer service knowledge and skills in defusing and resolving difficult customer issues

Idris Al-Oboudi, Recreation Services Manager, City of Manhattan Beach

Healthy Worksites, Happy Employees

  • Share and distribute an action plan for all participants to campaign and implement an upgraded or new wellness program at your worksite
  • Discuss five steps that sell the program to upper management and staff members

Pamela Passow, Assistant Director of Beaches, Parks and Recreation, City of San Clemente
Peggy Lacayo, Recreation Supervisor, City of San Clemente

Improving Survival in Active Shooter Events – It Takes a Village

  • Discuss the current state of medical response to active shooter events
  • Identify key points of training to build a more resilient community

Jim Manson, Vice President of Strategic Development, Cascade Healthcare Services

Utilize Volunteer Leaders

  • Identify the difference between worker bees and volunteer leaders so you can utilize them in the most appropriate way
  • Describe the characteristics of a leadership volunteer and explore the tools you’ll want to have in place in order to set them up for success

Becky Lunders, Facilitator/Trainer/Consultant, teamWorks

You’re Benched: Establishing Benchmarks for Seasonal Staff

  • Share micro skills within a seasonal job that allows a seasonal employee to return for multiple years and continue to develop their job skill tool belt
  • Explain how to develop a leadership series and/or workshops that your seasonal staff can participate in to keep engagement high

Pete DeQuincy, Aquatics Manager, East Bay Regional Park District