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Candidates for Vice President

Tara Gee

Park Planning & Development Superintendent
City of Roseville

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I have spent more than 18 years participating in and believing in CPRS’ mission and vision.  I have done so through serving on a wide variety of committee efforts and elected positions throughout the CPRS structure.

I bring a unique perspective as I am a landscape architect who has learned and transferred knowledge from and to both recreation and park operations professionals.  My work in Roseville (see resume highlights) and with CPRS has always been to understand all aspects of the profession and to foster success for all.  This means paying attention to recreational trends in programming and sports, societal impacts and needs along with the cost of service, asset life cycles, budgeting and long term maintenance needs.  Through this, we can more closely align and become an even stronger profession.

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Manuel Gonzalez

District Manager
City of San Diego

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

My professional passions and much of what I have done in Park and Rec have revolved around impacting literacy, drowning prevention and childhood obesity. I think that it is imperative that park and rec professionals engage in addressing these issues because they are major social issues where our industry can be an integral part of the solution. I believe that knowledge is power and have I worked to be a conduit for the free exchange of information to better prepare all professionals for the sustained support of our industry. I am constantly working to create educational opportunities that impact young professionals, particularly in helping to define park and recreation as an integral part of the healthcare system. I think this has been one of the most important opportunities for park and recreation in the last decade, and our ability to articulate a defined role in response to the obesity epidemic is critical to ensuring sustainable budgets when the next recession impacts California. CPRS can be a vehicle for this messaging, and that role will further cement the value of the Society.

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Tom Hellmann

Recreation Manager
Cosumnes Community Services District

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I think the membership needs to see that What they do is more than the community’s perception of the great programs and services they provide but, How the professional delivers these programs is really what improves people's lives. Professionals need to believe that everything they do supports more than just there community, but is a representation of our great profession and should be viewed on a higher stage of advancing California’s park & recreation profession.

It is only through a professional commitment in wanting to learn, know more, and share with others that a member can ensure success in our profession. Over my time in CPRS I have had countless interactions and opportunities in which I have grown personally and professionally.

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Sheila Pautsch

Community Services Director
City of South Pasadena

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I would be able to work with professionals across the state to assist them in learning about CPRS and what it has to offer them as a professional. This would transfer into professionals having the tools to advocate for their departments with City Councils or Boards that parks and recreation is an essential service.

I believe working with the Sections to bring more training and networking opportunities to their members as well as meet and greets with City Managers, County Administrators and Legislators can build relationships for future growth both personally and profession.     

The role that I play will align with CPRS’s mission statement, and that is to advance the park professionals through networking, education, and advocacy.

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