8:15 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Legacy Partners: Strengthening Your Network

  • Examine ways to create a personal network chart of existing connections and potential additions
  • Assess the impact and value of existing members within your personal network

Ken Hanley, Instructor, California State University, East Bay
Stacey Kenison, Recreation Coordinator, City of Newark

Maximizing Aquatic Operations Net Revenue

  • Examine how to analyze existing programs for maximum efficiency
  • List new programs and events to add to your aquatic offerings to improve your net revenue

Justin Saroyan, Recreation Supervisor, Greater Vallejo Recreation District

Our Facilities. Their Programs. Youth Sports is OUR Responsibility!

  • Discuss methods for developing policies and procedures related to management of outside youth sports user-groups
  • Formulate a plan to communicate and enforce the recreation department’s philosophy, requirements and best-practices to the community and position the department as the leader of all youth sports

Lisa Licata, MBA, CYSA, Senior Director, National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

Quick, Fun, Easy, Card-Based, Team-Building Games

  • Practice active, team building activities utilizing a deck of cards; that can be immediately utilized upon returning to work
  • Describe how to apply a three-step process for facilitating positive, team-building outcomes

Dr. Keith Fulthorp, Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach
Idris Jassim Al-Oboudi, City of Carson Director of Community Services / Executive Director of the Carson Community Foundation

Park Projects: Preventing Pitfalls that Hinder Success

  • Explain potential obstacles related to the design and construction process associated with park facilities, including the various steps in a project before beginning, during design and construction phase, and when initiating the maintenance of your new park or facility
  • Articulate the indicators of when a project may be at risk for a pitfall, how one can analyze the situation, and how to best articulate potential options that mitigate the condition

Derek McKee, RLA, Principal, Verde Design, Inc.
John Courtney, LEED AP, ASLA, QSP/QSD, Senior Project Manager, Verde Design, Inc.
Chris Ghione, Director, City of Morgan Hill

Playgrounds: Why Is Maintenance Important?

  • List and discuss at least three playground areas that are most often involved in litigation
  • Identify and discuss at least four examples of safety standards that represent best practices for playground safety

Sam DeFillippo, MA, CPSI, Managing Partner/Inspector, PlaySafe, LLC
Dr. Nancy White, CPSI, AFO, Planning Team, PlaySafe, LLC, California State University, East Bay

Say Yes to Kicking Your Career Up a Gear!

  • Develop the skills necessary to become comfortable and efficient in transitioning to a Jack or Jill of all trades
  • Identify and acquire new skills to aid you in your supervisory journey

Kelly Nelson, Recreation Coordinator, City of Patterson
Juliene Flanders, Recreation and Community Services Director, City of Patterson
Michael Dopson, Recreation Superintendent, Cosumnes Community Services District

Surviving the Violence

  • Enhance survivability skill sets
  • Identify best practices for modifying policy within your public agency

Adam Coughran, MA, President, Standards Training Group