8:15 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.


Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Explain and complete a worksheet to map out target audiences and channels for social media execution
  • Explain strategies for keeping a consistent presence, message, and strategies for reaching more of your target audience for less money and effort 

Tina Reynolds, President, Uptown Studios
Mia Lopez, Digital Marketing Manager, Uptown Studios

Getting the Best from Yourself and Your Staff

  • Analyze techniques that will help people develop on the job
  • Discuss techniques that help unlock people’s potential

Andrew Fine, Community Services Manager, City of Mission Viejo

How to be Successful at Sponsorship Sales

  • Explain at least two ways to increase government agency sponsorship dollars a minimum of 20% within one year
  • Discuss how to develop sponsorship programs for a variety of sponsors, large and small

Sylvia Allen, President, Allen Consulting, Inc

How to Think INSIDE the Box (but make the box bigger!)

  • Suggest ways to foster an open work environment and remove barriers to creativity within your team
  • Generate tips and experience techniques to encourage and practice creative thinking

Jim DeLizia, Consultant, Trainer, DeLizia Consulting

Is Synthetic Turf Right for Your Next Field?

  • Explain the structure for your own decision process for choosing natural grass or synthetic turf for your next sports field
  • Suggest tools and data for determining the best selections for developing a field that is sustainable with life-cycle benefits

Mark Baginski RLA, LEED AP, Principal, Verde Design Inc.
Christopher Beth, MPA, Director, City of Redwood City
Derek McKee, RLA, Principal, Verde Design Inc.

Service Gaps: Customer Expectations vs. Agency Perceptions

  • Discuss the difference between the customer’s expectations and the agency’s understanding of those expectations
  • Recognize the four critical service gaps within your agency

Kortley Norris, Senior Recreation Director, City of Los Angeles
Leticia Lopez, MA, Recreation Facility Director, City of Los Angeles

The Event is Over, Now What?

  • Discuss what factors are important to evaluate for special events 
  • Examine evaluation tips and tools 

(Re: technology based programs, partnerships, apps, and even old school raffles and surveys)
Lauren Burgnon, Recreation Services Coordinator, City of Riverside
Danielle Smith, Community Services Supervisor, City of Chino

Successful Youth Engagement in Local Government

  • Develop a successful marketing plan using five areas to promote to middle school
  • Describe reasons why attending this program will enhance a student’s knowledge of Civics 

Elaine A. Gennawey, CRPC®, Mayor Pro-tem, City of Laguna Niguel
Gretchen Malcolm, Recreation Supervisor, Youth and Teen Programs, City of Laguna Niguel

Time to Train – Strategies for Aquatics Program Managers

  • Summarize an example needs assessment to determine staff training needs
  • Explain how to use online and traditional land-based tools to execute efficient training sessions

Traci Tenkely, MPA, Recreation Coordinator II, Aquatics, City of Chandler, AZ