2:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


ADA and Aquatics: Ensuring Everyone Enjoys Your Pool

  • Identify portions of the ADA regulations that apply to public aquatic centers
  • Identify the various means and apparatus to provide ADA access for patrons

Dennis Berkshire, President, Aquatic Design Group

Building Park Champions

  • Suggest ways to approach elected and opinion leaders and develop the relationships to build them into champions while avoiding political and legal pitfalls
  • Discuss tactics that help to develop a case that makes park advocacy a winning scenario for community leaders

Robert Doyle, General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District
Rosemary Cameron, MPA, Public Affairs Consulting
Deb Callahan, Executive Director, Bay Area Open Space Council

Career Development for Emerging Professionals

  • Examine the aptitudes and attitudes hiring managers look for in potential candidates and how you can enhance your own marketability
  • Suggest a variety of benefits of having a mentor, building your own personal network and demonstrating effectiveness in the modern workplace

Moderated by Darin Loughrey, Community Services Manager, City of Irvine, Program Lead, CPRS Conference Committee
Justin Fernandez, Community Services Program Coordinator, City of Irvine
Morgan Gonzalez, Recreation Services Program Coordinator, City of Irvine
Tiarra Warner, Recreation Supervisor, City of Beverly Hills

Eat Smart, Play Hard: Engaging Kids in Health Education

  • Identify HEPA standards that can be applied to your existing programs
  • Articulate how your programs are an indispensable part of the childhood obesity epidemic, and link recreation to healthcare

Manuel Gonzalez, District Manager, City of San Diego
Johnny Chou, Area Manager II, City of San Diego

Financial Considerations of Park and Recreation Systems

  • Discuss the total cost of ownership of park and recreation systems
  • Evaluate park operations from a revenue and expenditure standpoint to understand the cost of service

Michael Svetz, MS, CPM, Principal, PROS Consulting
Stephanie Sanders, PLA, ASLA, Landscape Architect & Park Planner, North of the River Recreation and Park District

Four Steps to Improve Youth Sports Coaching

  • Analyze a proactive approach to managing volunteer youth sports coaches to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Summarize the elements required to develop policies for evaluation and accountability of volunteer youth sports coaches

Lisa Licata, MBA, CYSA, Senior Director, National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

How to Hire the Best and Brightest Part-time Staff Workshop

  • Generate and practice techniques used to assess interviewees as a group to build the best team for your department
  • Discuss and learn trends in interviewing the current high school and college-aged person along with work ethic and on-job performance
  • Explain a field-tested tool, called IDTEAM to help you put together effective learning strategies for adults

Cindy Bagley, CPRP, Community Services Manager, City of Rohnert Park

Leadership Strategies to Build a Strong Team

  • Identify critical factors in hiring and training needed to develop successful and productive team members
  • Examine strategies that empower team members through mentorship, guidance and data

Farid Dordar, CEO, PerfectMind

Skate Parks – Community Asset or Future Liability?

  • Identify and understand potential users to establish the goals and objectives of the project
  • Explain how to achieve success through design, including a discussion on crime prevention through environmental design and selection of amenities such as fencing, lighting, restrooms, seating or cameras

Pamela Galera, PLA, LEED AP, ASLA, Principal Project Planner, City of Anaheim
Aaron Spohn, President, Spohn Ranch, Inc. Custom Skate Parks

Strategies for Reinvigorating Difficult Park Sites

  • Examine creative solutions to turn difficult sites into park assets
  • Generate strategies to building unique partnerships that support implementation and expand capacity

Kat Superfisky, ASLA, ESA, Associate / Urban Ecologist; Co-founder and Executive Director, MIA LEHRER + ASSOCIATES; Grown in LA
Meredith Reynolds, Park Development Officer, City of Long Beach

Strategies to Maximize Performance through Positive Culture Generation

  • Analyze existing workplace culture
  • Suggest strategies that assist in the design and implementation of a positive work environment

Nigel Pugh, Recreation Supervisor - Tennis Operations, City of Fremont

The Nameless Leader – Know One, Be One, Show One

  • Identify major issues related to leadership behaviors in a municipal setting
  • Explain rules of engagement for better leadership

Lydie Gutfeld, MPA, Community Services Manager, City of Mission Viejo

Today’s Struggles in Hiring and Retaining Part-time Staff

  • Explain strategies on informing potential part-time applicants on the value of working in the Parks and Recreation profession
  • Discussion with other agencies on how they handle recruiting, hiring and retaining part-time staff

Lisa McPherson, Recreation Manager, City of Dublin

Your Role as a Disaster Service Worker (NEW!)

  • Explain the scope of duties for the disaster service worker including staff roles for effectively handling critical incidents at park and recreation facilities
  • Discuss lessons learned from the recent Creek and Skirball fires in Los Angeles and the activation of the Recreation and Parks Department employee notification system, staging area and Department Operation Center

Sonya Young-Jimenez, Emergency Management Coordinator I, Emergency Preparedness Section, City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks Department

Jimmy Kim, Emergency Management Coordinator II , Emergency Preparedness Section, City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks Department