8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Crypto Response and Prevention Program

  • Articulate current best practices for avoiding contamination of cryptosporidium in an aquatic facility
  • Apply specific verbiage to use when speaking with the public about cryptosporidium and what to do when contamination occurs

Rebecca Hurley, BA, ARC Instructor, Aquatics Supervisor, County of Santa Cruz
Margaret Ingraham, Volunteer Coordinator, County of Santa Cruz

Defending Your Agency Against Playground Lawsuits

  • Explain the principles of standard of care
  • Communicate at least two strategies that allow you to work with your Attorney or Risk Manager from the planning stage through the operation of your playground including routine maintenance and proper supervision

Sam DeFillippo, MA, CPSI, Managing Partner/Inspector, PlaySafe, LLC
Dr. Nancy White, CPSI, AFO, Planning Team, PlaySafe, LLC, California State University East Bay

Engaging Decision Makers

  • Differentiate between the policy or political mindset and the professional or administrative mindset
  • Explain how to communicate in different ways and frame contentious issues for different stake-holders

Dr. Frank Benest, Consultant, Retired City Manager

Engage the Community to Build Relationships That Matter

  • Identify natural partners and create a plan to engage these partners on a deeper level
  • Discuss the impact that a few strong relationships can have on all aspects of your department

Becky Lunders, Trainer/Consultant, teamWorks

Event Emergencies – What Are Tricks of the Trade?

  • Suggest tools for event professionals to help prepare for the unexpected through discussion and real-life examples 
  • Communicate opportunities to analyze current practices in your own organizations and provide feedback on how to update or change those procedures for more recent emergency issues

Brianne Anderson, Community Services Manager, City of Westlake Village

Funding 101: Revenue Enhancement for Park and Recreation Agencies

  • Articulate the basics of various local funding mechanisms available to park and recreation agencies
  • Discover some of the basic issues, opportunities and steps involved in establishing new or increasing each type of local funding

Blair Aas, Director of Planning Services, SCI Consulting Group

Partnerships and Programming: Impactful, Inclusive Fitness

  • Develop an action plan for reaching out to potential partner organizations 
  • Identify potential types of organizations with which to partner, and the unique opportunities associated with each

Jennifer French, Accessibility Advisor, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness
Allison Abel, Director of Marketing, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness
Tracy Bryars, MPH, RDN, CDE, CLE, Manager, Healthy Communities Initiative,
St. Jude Medical Center

Responsible Compassion – Parks & Recreation’s Role in Addressing Homelessness

  • Identify organizations in your community that will play an integral role in the development and implementation of a Homeless Task Force whose mission is responsible compassion
  • Develop a needs assessment survey for the community to identify resources, voids, and gaps in service for the homeless

Jason Hendrix, Community Services Supervisor, City of Menifee
Robin Gilliland, BA, MA, Community Services Supervisor II/Homeless Outreach Liaison, City of Temecula

Tackling Gender Equity in Youth Sports

  • Identify five benefits of girls’ sports, and how these positive benefits impact communities
  • Discuss five objectives to consider when developing your departments’ policy on gender equity

Francisca Castillo, MBA, Director of Gender Equity Affairs, City of Los Angeles
Charles Singer, Superintendent of Recreation Operations, City of Los Angeles
Priya Sodha, MS, Los Angeles Regional Director, Coaching Corps

When Traumatic Events Impact Your Organization - Recovery, Support and Strength

  • Explore the value of responsible reporting of potential threats within an organization and if necessary to the greater public
  • Create an outline for a plan to implement an internal crisis response team that can help support staff

Lori Hoffner, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.