10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.


Diversity and the Financial Bottom Line

  • Recognize and analyze recreational gaps and needs, and share how we might fill those gaps
  • Discuss how we redefine diversity and connect it to financial stability 

Tara Gee, CALA #3868, Park Planning & Development Superintendent, City of Roseville

Experience Design: Program Planning on Steroids

  • Apply the elements of experience design to your agency’s traditional programs, events and services
  • Differentiate conventional program planning and experience design

Dr. Keri Schwab, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Dr. Marni Goldenberg, Professor, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Amber Karson, CMP, Event Planner, Karson Butler Events

Happy Trails That Will Keep You Smiling…

  • Assess and document opportunities and constraints for your community’s existing trail network, and determine potential linkages that can be created to improve connectivity in the community
  • Combine and enhance community health and wellness activities into effective trail maintenance construction and habitat restoration efforts

Aeryn Donnelly-Terrey, ASLA, Park & Environmental Planner, City of Carlsbad
Kasia Trojanowska, LEED AP, ASLA, Park Planner, Landscape Architect, City of Carlsbad

It’s A Wrap! Learn How to Conduct a Post-Eval of your Special Event!

  • Demonstrate your evaluation and outcome-driven skill set on post-event evaluations using tools (by completing forms)
  • Describe the return on investment to your sponsors

Eileen Lohner-Turk, CLP, Parks & Recreation Division Manager, City of Oceanside
Holly Malan, Community Services Manager, City of San Marcos

Just How Do Other Departments See Us?

  • Discuss using a reality check, strategies that will improve and assist in building stronger relationships between parks and recreation and other public agency departments
  • Identify successful relationship building techniques to use to help avoid the us and them syndrome

Dr. Ana M. Alvarez, Deputy General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District

Purposeful Programming

  • Define “Purposeful Programming” and why this approach is vital to communities
  • Identify areas to enhance quality of life thinking

Deborah Hernandez, MS, Recreation Supervisor, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District
Kris Lofthus, MS, Director of Recreation and Community Services, City of Suisun City
Vicente Zuniga, Recreation Coordinator II, Hayward Area Recreation & Park District

Strategic Workforce Development & Succession Planning – Do you have a plan?

  • Discuss the benefits of creating a workforce development/succession plan
  • Identify at least 2 new workforce development strategies that will work in your agency

Alexa Pritchard, CPRP, Recreation Superintendent, City of Roseville

Use of Hand and Finger Movement as Recreation-Based Brain Fitness (RBBF)

  • Define Recreation-Based Brain Fitness program
  • Identify two major cognitive benefits of hand and finger movement 

Dr. Heewon Yang, Professor, California State University, Long Beach
Dr. Jun Kim, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University