Back Row: Sue Stoffel, Dennis Churchill, Brian Beach, Craig Bronzan, Cassidy Skelton, Patrick Vaughn, Brandon Bredo; Middle Row: Derek Neumann; Front Row: Tammy Rominger, Leslie Fritz, Alison Martinez

Maintenance Management School Regents

The CPRS Maintenance Management School is hosted by a team of dedicated volunteer leaders in conjunction with the CPRS HQ Education Team.  We sincerely thank each and every one of these leaders for their time and dedication to making this the outstanding school it is!  

“I do not know the process to select regents but it’s an amazing one.  Each person showed excellence in knowledge, attitude and integrity.  I was truly amazed by the friendliness and professionalism of each person.  Thank you for what you’ve done for us and for our profession—and indirectly to the people we serve in the future.”

~ Anonymous 2015 First Year Student


Our 2017 Maintenance Management School Regent Team:

Chair:  Derek Neumann

Vice-Chair:  Brian Beach

1st Year Curriculum:   Sue Stoffel, Tammy Rominger, Cassidy Skelton, Brandon Bredo

2nd Year Curriculum:  Dennis Churchill, Craig Bronzan, Ali Martinez, Kyla Brown, CPRP

Grad Forum: Tara GeePatrick Vaughn

CPRS:  Leslie Fritz, CPRP

Regent Roster

Each of these Regents are supported by their agencies--thank you to Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, County of Riverside, City of Roseville, OC Parks, Sonoma County Regional Parks, City of Las Vegas, City of South Lake Tahoe, City of Davis Community Services, City of Claremont and City of Santa Clarita Parks, Recreation and Community Services.

Interested in becoming an Maintenance Management School Regent?

Visit our online application between November and January 4:  https://rivcoparks.wufoo.com/forms/maintenance-management-school-regent-application/

If you have successfully completed the 1st & 2nd Year curriculum you qualify to become a Regent. Regent applications accepted until January 8, 2018.  Please contact a Regent to inquire. The Board of Regents meets during January to consider the applications received.