In 1999, CPRS released the VIP Action Plan:  Creating Community in the 21st Century.  This innovative effort created a statewide vision, mission and action plan for the parks and recreation profession.
Nearly 20 years later, we are creating a new California Action Plan (CAP) with key tools and strategies to guide the state's park and recreation profession into the future.  

California Action Plan (CAP)

In 1999, the California Park & Recreation Society released the VIP Action Plan: Creating Community in the 21st CenturyIt was innovative for its time, setting a statewide vision and mission for the parks and recreation profession and creating an action plan to demonstrate our essential role in supporting communities. This plan has guided us through some challenging times. It helped us develop the tools and skills we needed to be successful and mold ourselves into a more cohesive professional group.

Guidance for our Profession

Many elements of the VIP Action Plan have proven to be timeless and are still relevant today. However, our profession is changing and is more strongly aligned with other fields, including health and wellness, sports and tourism, entertainment, education, ecology and community services.  Thanks to a strong outreach process in early 2016, we've determined the core values that are driving our profession today.  We've also come to understand what trends are most influential in the work you do.  Now it's time to develop the tools you need to hone the core competencies to meet the challenges facing us in the future.  

Be a CAP Leader!

We need you! CPRS is inviting selected leaders across California to help guide the development of the California Action Plan for the park and recreation profession.

Steering Committee members will be asked to review plan materials, participate in 1-2 online meetings and attend a work session at our Annual Conference next spring.  We also need your support in reaching out to other park and recreation professionals.  All together this may represent an 8- to 10-hour commitment through Spring 2018.  

Interested?  Click here to complete our member profile.

We look forward to having you on the CAP team!


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