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NRPA Agency Performance Review

The typical park and recreation agency offers one park for every 2,114 residents served, with 10.1 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents. But park and recreation agencies are as diverse as the communities that they serve, and what works well for one agency may not be best for your agency. Therefore, you need data to best identify the best practices to optimally serve your community.

That’s where the 2018 NRPA Agency Performance Review comes in. This report is the most comprehensive resource of data and insights for park and recreation agencies in the United States, and has 22 figures highlighting critical park and recreation metrics. 

Download the NRPA Agency Performance Review   


Complete Parks Playbook

This playbook, developed by Public Health Advocacy and Change Lab Solutions, is intended to be a valuable resource for local policymakers, professionals working in local government, and local advocates to help place parks, recreation, and community services in the central position they deserve in local government.

Download the Complete Parks Playbook



Economic Impact of Local Parks

In 2015, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) joined forces with the Center for Regional Analysis and George Mason University to estimate the impact of spending by local parks and recreation agencies on the US economy.  In 2018, NRPA and the Center for Regional Analysis updated this key study.  This report presents a summary of the key results. 

Download the Economic Impact of Local Parks Executive Summary




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