Award Winning Strategies!

What makes a submission a winner? Here are tips from our judges to ensure a well written entry to the CPRS Awards Program:

Start now!

Don't wait until the last minute to prepare your awards submission!  
  • Review the award program descriptions carefully, noting the evaluation criteria that will be used to judge your entry. Also note each category requires different submittal information!  
  • Start identifying the people, reports, photos, or documents you will need to complete your entry.
  • Ask another staff member to proof the narrative and submittals for misspellings and typos.
  • Be sure each submittal is labeled as directed and is in the right format (PDF, jpg, etc).

Need to step away from your application?

Simply click 'ok' to submit your application.  You will receive an email with a link to update your application.  You will have until November 14, 2018 to make edits, add files, and review information.  

Keep it simple and follow all directions

The award categories, entry criteria, and submittal requirements are slightly different for each award, so it is important to read each award category carefully.  Following directions will eliminate the chance your entry will be disqualified. Don't let this happen to your entry!

Focus on the evaluation criteria

The judges will rely solely on your narrative to tell your story. Have the evaluation criteria by your side as you write your narrative. Provide the information requested in a direct, simple style. 

Resist the temptation to overwrite!

Review, review and review again

Do not underestimate the value of a well written narrative - this is our only way to judge your nomination! Have someone who has NO knowledge of the entry/program/facility review your narrative and submittals before submitting them online. Be sure to give them the evaluation criteria to follow! They should review your narrative for clarity, grammar, and spelling. 

A technical tip:  Develop your narrative in a Word document rather than directly in the online application. This will give you more space to move, edit, or add text. You may enter and leave your online entry until you hit the submit button. Sorry, once you submit an award application online, no more changes may be made.

Keep a copy of your entry narrative and submittals
REPEAT - Keep a copy of your entry narrative and submittals!

Keep one copy of your award entry narrative and submittals for your records as NO materials will be returned to you.  This is especially important if you want to re-submit the same application or follow the same format for a new entry.

Choose your agency contact well

Your agency contact will receive detailed information regarding the awards presentations and the awards banquet. They will be required to meet specific deadlines regarding your entry.  Select the most detailed person in your agency or organization to be the 'gatekeeper' of all information regarding your awards applications.


For general Award Program questions, please contact our Award Program Co-Chairs:

Ann Dunleavy

Doug Grove
951-781-1930 x121

For websitesubmission form questions or technical assistance, please contact CPRS HQ:

Stephanie Stephens