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Candidates for Region 1 Representative

Cindy Bagley

Community Services Manager
City of Rohnert Park

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I am so passionate about this profession and what we all do in our individual roles to make the lives of the members of our communities better now and in the future. In the last two years as the Region 1 Representative I have learned so much about how CPRS operates in the big picture and believe I have only begun to scratch the surface. I  have been able to develop relationships with many of the leaders in Districts 1, 2 and 3 which has created a trusting environment that gives the leaders of each District their own voice on the State Board. The State Board has really spent the last couple of years focusing on the concept of “One CPRS.” It is so vitally important that we all speak with one voice despite the fact that our individual agency or District needs are unique. Through that voice we are able to truly provide for all of our members.

I also continue to work closely with the Council of Section Representatives to help connect Region 1 with the various sections throughout the state that have the ability to provide focused resources to the members of each District. This also allows the districts to be more connected to the State as a whole.

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Alexa Pritchard

Recreation Superintendent
City of Roseville

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I truly connect to the outcome of improving people™s livesť and because of this connection I will be able to unite and excite members in their commitment to this outcome. I think listening to and providing members opportunities to tell their stories of œimproving peoples livesť is a very powerful tool in being able to measure the success of this outcome.

One of my career highlights has been my work with leadership development. Not only does this directly tie to the second outcome of providing members with the skills, knowledge and networks they need to be successful, but provides a sound basis for being able to share these developed methods and programs throughout CPRS. Plus, I believe my work at the District, Section and Committee levels, and my previous tenure on the State Board as a Council of Sections Representative, helps strengthen my ability to make an impact in this outcome at the State Board level.

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