Training & Education Overview

Workplace skill building occurs here! 

Have a specialty area to develop or just want to refine your skill set for a job change?  Our education and training programs assist you with that competitive edge.  We help you move yourself and our profession forward!

CPRS Hosted Training for Park & Recreation Professionals

Annual Conference & Expo – March
The premier regional park & recreation conference & expo in the US. Become empowered in the top-notch education programs, engage with park and recreation professionals and explore the largest regional expo hall in the US.

Playing Field Maintenance Academy -- October
~Hosted by District 10 & Endorsed by the CPRS Development & Operations Section
Half-day training for field maintenance providers that includes a take-home publication; topics areas include Playing Field Turf, Soccer Goal, Fencing, Dugout Care, Durability of Materials, Access for Public and Emergency Vehicles Standard of Care and Legal Considerations.  Register Online!

Playing Field Maintenance Guidebook
This Playing Field Maintenance Guidebook is informative and easy to use with solutions to every day field management.  You can purchase the Playing Field Maintenance Guidebook from CPRS—here is the order form.

CA Aquatic Management School—October 17-19, 2018 (Lake Arrowhead) Training for all aquatic professionals, from pool managers and coordinators to recreation and aquatic supervisors and administrators. With vast networking opportunities and nationally recognized speakers, CAMS offers the latest trends in aquatic programming. (Registration limit)

Maintenance Management School – November
150+ park and recreation professionals representing over 60 public agencies participate in this five-year program. The school teaches a systematic approach for determining the resources needed to maintain a public facility. (Registration limit)

Playground Maintenance Academy - October
~Hosted by District 10 & Endorsed by the CPRS Development & Operations Section
Half-day training for playground maintenance providers that includes a take-home publication; topics areas include *Ways to avoid injuries to children and the lawsuits that may follow, *Adequate Surfacing, *Surfacing Compliance, * Playground Site, *Hazards vs. Risk, *Responsibility of an Owner/Operator, *Responsibility of the Installer, *Purchasing New Equipment.

Playground Safety Certification-all year long, State-wide Options 
Playground Safety Certification provides the authority to examine playgrounds for compliance with California regulations R-39-97.  To become certified take this certification course, then sit for the 100 question exam. (Registration limit)

Desktop Learning - Webinars 
60-75 Minute Webinars hosted same day and time each month, use them for staff training!  Annual series continues to focus on pressing issues facing parks and recreation staff.  Faculty is a combination of your peers and professional trainers with experience in government issues. (Registration Limit)

Regional Fall Forums & Workshops/Forums/Institutes