A few Tips regarding our Selection Criteria

Each award submission will be reviewed by a panel of judges.  The focus of the reviews will be on the following principles.  Successful submissions will address each of these principles, using specific examples.  Repetition of verbiage in multiple principles is generally viewed less favorably.  


Describe the significant issue, problem or concern the entry addressed and the desired outcomes you were looking to achieve.

  • 250 word max; 20 points possible
  • Award Winning Tip:  The issue, problem or concern should focus on the community and the impact if not addressed. Be sure to describe the intended outcome(s).  Be specific.  


The extent to which the entry demonstrated the use of creative or innovative approaches and the role community partners or stakeholders played in addressing the challenge.

  • 400 word max; 25 points possible
  • Award Winning Tip:  Higher points are awarded when there is community-based collaboration and creative problem-solving.  This could be multiple agencies coming together, private/public partnerships, community generated ideas, etc. Describe how your approach was different, new or innovative.  If you are nominating a person, how did their work help your agency bridge gaps, foster solutions, or become part of 'the answer'?


The extent to which the entry utilized various strategies, tools, resources and outreach efforts to address the challenge, including the use of non-traditional fiscal or community resources (grants, sponsorships, volunteers, etc.) and the communication efforts used to inform the community, policy makers or partners.

  • 400 word max; 20 points possible
  • Award Winning Tip:  This is about money, staff resources, and/or public outreach to expand your resources.  How did you obtain the needed resources and how did you communicate to inform and seek feedback from the community?  Be specific.  If you are nominating a person, how did they help your agency expand limited resources?


The extent to which the entry created a substantial community benefit, improved operational efficiencies, created new or increased value in the community or significantly enhanced the provision of park and recreation services through measurable results.

  • 400 word max; 25 points possible
  • Award Winning Tip:  This is different than Challenge.  Challenge is about the intended outcome - Accomplishment is about HOW you measured success.  What metrics did you use to know this was a successful program, park, facility or marketing effort?  What kind of data did you collect?  Show how you knew you met your goals.  If you are nominating a person, how do you know this person impacted the community in a positive way?


The extent to which the entry supports the mission of the profession and / or promotes the Parks Make Life Better!® statewide branding campaign.

  • 250 word max; 10 points possible
  • Award Winning Tip:  While this is only 10 points, don't lose focus on this last principle.  Make sure you spend time and elaborate on how your program, project or nominee meets the mission of how Parks Make Life Better!.  Elaborating on multiple initiatives under this branding will garner you higher points.