2023 CRPS Champion

CPRS Champion 
2023 Award Recipients

Professional and Service Awards

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Jenni Worsham

CPRS Champion


Frank Carson

CPRS Champion


About the CPRS Champion Award

The CPRS Champion Award recognizes accomplishments and contributions of the nominee through service to CPRS of six (6) years or more.

Evaluation Criteria for the CPRS Champion Award

This award is based on the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee including any or all of the following elements:

  • Development of new initiatives for CPRS that result in new programs and service to members
  • Response to a significant challenge faced by CPRS and contribution of innovative or proactive response to the challenge at the State, Section, or District level
  • Presentation of session(s) at the CPRS State, Section or District level
  • Research projects or author/contributor of articles for CPRS or other professional publications that advance the park and recreation profession
  • Consistent support of CPRS through fundraising, sponsorships, talent, action, pro bono work, consultation, training, and/or leadership
  • In addition to service to CPRS, advancing the profession through outstanding record of service and contributions to other professional park and recreation organizations, i.e. National Recreation & Park Association, Women in Leisure Services, etc.


CAP Innovate

The CPRS Awards Program highlights those people, places and programs who embody our INNOVATE strategy from the California Action Plan (CAP).