2023 Excellence in Design - Facility Design

Excellence in Design - Facility Design
2023 Award Recipients

Awards of Excellence

Dahlin Group Architecture Planning

John J. Kennedy Pool
Aquatic Facility, Class 1

City of Norco

The Barn at Ingalis Event Center
Community Center/Mixed Use Facility, Class 1

City of South San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department

City of South San Francisco Library Parks and Recreation Center
Community Center/Mixed Use Facility Class 3

Hayward Area Recreation and Park District

Hayward Area Senior Center Renovation
Community Center/Mixed Use Facility Class 1

Facility Design Award Categories



Aquatic Facilities

Community Centers/Mixed Use Facilities

  • examples: senior centers, gymnasiums, library/community centers, joint use facilities


Based on Project Cost ¹
  • Class 1 $0 - $5 million
  • Class 2 $5 million - $15 million
  • Class 3 $15 million and above
¹ Include total construction and site improvements costs, fixtures/furnishings and equipment. Do not include personnel-related project costs, architectural fees, property acquisition cost, construction management fees, special testing or other non-construction costs.

About the Excellence in Design - Facility Design Award

This award recognizes excellence in design of completed aquatic, recreation and/or cultural facilities intended for public use. The project may be either new construction or a rehabilitation project that demonstrates high standards of planning, design, community involvement, operation and maintenance, quality of aesthetics, usability, accessibility and versatility.  This award further recognizes design and construction or significant rehabilitation of buildings, structures and facilities used primarily to support park and recreation purposes.

One Excellence Award may be awarded in each category and each class. 

2023 Evaluation Criteria for the Facility Design Award

Telling the Story: Share how your program, park, facility, or marketing effort supports our California Action Plan and Parks Make Life Better! goals. 

Community Need or Challenge and Desired Outcomes: Outline the community need or significant challenge your program, park, facility, or media project intended to answer/solve. Describe the desired outcomes you were looking to achieve.

Innovative Approach(es): Detail how your approach was different, new, or innovative in addressing your community need/challenge and reaching your desired outcomes.

Community Collaboration: Describe the role policy makers, staff, community members, partners and/or stakeholders played in reaching your desired outcomes.

Measuring Success: Specify, through measurable results, how you know you reached your desired outcomes as outlined above. Did the entry create a substantial community benefit, improve operational efficiencies, create new or increased value in the community or significantly enhance the provision of park and recreation services? How do you know?

Award Application Summary: In 150 words or less, please give us a compelling description of your award nomination, highlighting several points from the questions above. Note that this 150-word description may be used in future CPRS Award program marketing materials. Be sure it is representative of what you'd like not only our award judges but also general members, to read about your award nominee!

Additional Supplemental Information Requested/Required

a) Site plan (PDF) - REQUIRED

b) Building floor plan (PDF) - REQUIRED

c) Notice of Completion or other documentation that states when the project was completed (PDF) - REQUIRED

d) Maximum 3 examples of background information that support one or more of the criteria (PDF)

e) 6 to 8 photos including at least 2 interior and 2 exterior photos; before and after photos if a rehabilitation project; each photo labeled with entry and agency name.

f) If you are not a park and recreation agency and are submitting an application on behalf of a park and recreation agency/program/facility/park, please include a letter from said agency denoting they know you are submitting this award application. (PDF)

CAP Innovate

The CPRS Awards Program highlights those people, places and programs who embody our INNOVATE strategy from the California Action Plan (CAP).