2023 Outstanding Research

Outstanding Research

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Dr. Samuel V. Lankford

2023 Outstanding Research


About the Outstanding Research Award

The Outstanding Research Award honors and recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to CPRS and the profession by engaging in all aspects of applied research. The nominee must demonstrate a record of dissemination of research over a period of at least 5 years that reaches professionals in the field via publications, technical reports, and/or presentations at the district, state (CPRS), or national (NRPA Conference) levels. This statewide award is designed to recognize the research contributions of those who advance the profession and who strengthen and support CPRS as a professional organization. CPRS may award multiple awards in this category.

2023 Evaluation Criteria for the Outstanding Research Award

This award is based on the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee including any or all of the following elements:

1. Engagement in applied research that contributes to the advancement of public parks and recreation.
2. Development and integration or utilization of tools and measurement procedures that can be adopted by park and recreation agencies to determine programmatic and service outcomes.
3. Presentation of research findings in session(s) at the CPRS State, Section, or District level, or national (NPRA Conference) levels to include research symposium sessions and/or educational sessions.
4. A record of publications and technical reports that demonstrate a commitment to reach park and recreation personnel and to maximize the utility of applied research results.
5. Recognition of leadership and participation in professional organizations to include scholarly journal editorial boards, and research review processes such as coordinator, reviewer, and moderator of research conferences and symposia.

Additional Supplemental Information Requested/Required
a) 1 to 2 photos of nominee; labeled with nominee name & nominator name

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