Region 2 Representative Candidate Dan Meewis

Dan Meewis
Dan Meewis
Recreation Director
City of Seaside
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Why have you chosen to run for the CPRS State Board of Directors?
After serving the past 3 years in the presidential series for D6. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with a larger network of colleagues, and I feel being the Region 2 Rep is the next step for me to achieve that goal.

What personal attributes, skills, or knowledge would you bring to the State Board of Directors if elected?
I am an innovative individual with a wide range of skills. I have worked in almost every different realm of Recreation which has given me a unique perspective on our field as a whole. I have also worked for and held a variety of positions for multiple organizations throughout the state. During time I have had the pleasure of working for Cities and Special Districts which as also given me perspective on how each of them are governed.  During my time in the field, I have also participated in CPRS activities as a member of D1,D3,D6.

What is the greatest challenge our profession faces and how will you lead to address that challenge?
Right now I feel the greatest challenge for Recreation is our response to the pandemic. I feel that Recreation has been the hardest during the pandemic since the majority of the programs we normally offer requires us to be in person. Obviously, most counties are not at a place where we can do that yet, and it is going to be a slow process. At least I can same that my fellow colleagues throughout the state have been extremely resilient, and have already come up with multiple adaptations so we can continue to provide our communities with the great programs that come to love and enjoy. I will strive to keep the innovation flowing so we can continue to successfully provide programs , events, sports during this trying time.