VP Candidate Cortez Jordan

Cortez Jordan
Cortez Jordan
Aquatics Supervisor
City of West Hollywood
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Why have you chosen to run for the CPRS State Board of Directors?
I want to serve in this great organize and give back to its members.

What personal attributes, skills, or knowledge would you bring to the State Board of Directors if elected?
I have passion and grit. I lead by doing… I wanted everyone one’s voice to be heard.
I understand what it takes to be an agent of change and how to re-build and re-structure organizations.
I believe that adversity is an opportunity for change and growth.
I’m not the candidate that has all of the answers but I will try to find them.

What is the greatest challenge our profession faces and how will you lead to address that challenge?
I believe staying connected and resilient as Recreation Professionals in the mist of fading budgets and large spans of isolation is our greatest challenge. I believe continuing to create new and innovative paths to personal and professional connection among our members is the best way to face this challenge. In addition, nothing is more important than a friend / professional colleague reaching out to see if you are OK.