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  • Submission Deadline for the 2024 Elections is this Thursday!

    Hello CPRS Future Leaders!!

    The election deadline for your state, district or section open board positions is fast approaching!
    We need ALL candidates, whether for the CPRS State Board, a District, or a Section Board, to submit their interest via one ONLINE SUBMISSION form by Thursday, November 30th, 2023! 
    Find open 2024 CPRS State board positions here.
    Nominating yourself for a position on the CPRS Board is your chance to be a part of something bigger, to give back to your community, and to grow professionally. Your unique perspective and dedication can make a huge difference.  We need your valuable skills, knowledge, and experience!
  • Members Virtual Holiday Party

    Join us on this virtual call and celebrate CPRS membership this joyous season!

    We encourage everyone to wear their favorite holiday hat or festive sweater. Games, holiday trivia, and plenty of gift cards to win!

    December 6th, 2023 at 11 am

    Register Here

  • Aquatics Section Board; Region 3 Rep Vacancy

    The Aquatics Section board of directors has a vacancy!  If you live/work in District 7, 8 or 15 and are interested in serving a 1-year appointed term as Region 3 Representative, we'd love to hear from you!

    Details and a short online interest form can be found online here:

    Please complete the form no later than April 11 to be considered for appointment and we'll be in touch!  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you!

    Have a great day,

  • CPRS Aquatics Section - 2022 Awards Program

    Your CPRS Aquatics Section Board of Directors is very excited to offer the Aquatics Section Awards Program for 2022. This awards program was created to recognize innovative creative and healthy programs, outstanding marketing campaigns, while recognizing hardworking Aquatic professionals.

    We strongly encourage you to review the award criteria and submit for recognition as a professional or as an agency. Let's recognize excellence in our Aquatics Section and promote the message that Parks Make Life Better®!

    Entry deadline:  Sunday, March 5, 2023

    Complete description and application available online:

    Award Categories:

    • Rising Star
    • Professional Achievement
    • Innovative Programming
    • Health & Wellness
    • Social Media/Marketing

    Why You Should Apply:

    • Recognition: Celebrate your agencies programs, projects and staff success through well-deserved recognition locally and statewide.
    • Financial Reward: Leverage your award to acquire additional funding resources. One award could lead to further awards and potential grant funding.
    • Show Appreciation: Celebrate the efforts of your staff and partners. Their efforts will be acknowledged and recognized as important by a wide audience. Applying for an award is a great way of showing your appreciation to everyone involved.
    • Feedback: Get feedback on your application even if you do not win an award. This feedback can be very useful when writing grant applications.

    Award Entry Requirements:

    • 2022 Aquatics Section Awards Application:
    • Brief summary of accomplishments or project
    • Comment briefly, but precisely, on each of the criteria listed for the award.
    • Supplementary information may be attached, such as brochures or flyers. Please limit the entire application to ten pages, including application but not including photos. (High resolution photos - 5 maximum, electronic format (jpeg), 300 dpi)
    • Innovative Programming and/or Social Media Marketing submissions will require a video sample of programming and social media content. A link to a web address showing video sample will also be accepted.

    2022 Aquatics Section Awards Announcement
    The Aquatics Section Award recipients for 2022 will be announced at the conclusion of the Aquatics Intensive Training held in conjunction with the Annual CPRS Conference. Information will also be shared and highlighted on social media that same week.  

    CPRS Aquatics Intensive
    Monday, April 3, 2023
    San Diego

    Lydie Gutfeld
    CPRS Aquatics Section – President Elect
    Director, City of San Bernardino
    909-384-5233 x5030