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Bike Repair Stations

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    Posted 09-01-2021 17:39
    Our City is home to 48 miles of trails that are heavily used for equestrian, hiking, and biking purposes along with a very active road bike community. We are currently evaluating bike repair stations and potentially installing these in key locations of our City.

    We are looking for feedback from cities that have installed these either in their parks, downtown areas, or trails. Have residents found these useful, are the tools commonly included with this stations usable, what maintenance issues have you encountered (if any), and what feedback have you gotten from users? I'd also be interested to know what vendor you chose.  I've also provided two product links below to reference what a bike repair station is.

    Most Dependable Bottle Filler/Bike Repair Station
    Essential Bike Repair Station

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Michael Adams
    Community Services Supervisor
    City of Chino Hills
    Chino Hills CA
    (909) 364-2600