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Recreation Guide Translation to Spanish

  • 1.  Recreation Guide Translation to Spanish

    Posted 09-01-2021 19:25
    The City of Escondido is considering translating our Recreation Guide to Spanish. We are looking for some feedback from anyone currently offering or have offered in the past a Spanish version of their Recreation Guide.  Some of the things we have considered are:

    • Lead Time - 2 weeks. If most of the class content is recycled from a previous version is this enough time?
    • Translating inhouse vs. contracting this service out - We have a few bilingual staff that could assist us, but maybe there are cheap and quick options that are preferred?
    • Do you create one  Bilingual document or separate them? My inclination would be to keep them separate for simplicity. 
    • Distribution- Do you stick with just digital or do you have printed copies available? 
    • None of our classes are offered in Spanish. We would have to add a disclaimer on each class that the class will be taught in English.
    Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to respond through the thread or directly to me at tjlockwood@escondido.org.


    Tyler Lockwood
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