Ms. Stephanie Molina

West Side Recreation & Park District

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West Side Recreation & Park District


Work Life:  
I have been fortunate to spend my entire full-time career (27 years and counting) for a special district in the "Middle Kingdom" of California.  As is the case with most small agencies, I started as a Recreation Supervisor in charge of youth activities, special events, contract classes, a skating rink, fitness center and eventually preschool and aquatics.  (Everything BUT sports.)  I moved up to the position of Recreation Superintendent in 2017.  My most recent venture as of February 2023?  Running a 3-screen movie theater!  (Yes, that is being operated by our agency.)

Personal Life: 
I've been married since July 2019 to Mike and have a  stepson, Jakob.  We live in Bakersfield with our four 4-legged kids Kyle (silver lab) and Joe (complete fluffy mutt).  I enjoy reading, movies, baseball, concerts, board & card games, travel and spending time with my friends and family.

How do I love CPRS?  Let me count the ways...
Being from a small agency in a small town with not many connections outside of small District 15, I decided to get involved in CPRS on the Section level after 5 or so years on the District level.  Once I started to network and involve myself more, my connections grew and I was hooked!  CPRS has helped me grow as a professional, which in turn, has been a benefit for my agency, co-workers and community.  The people I have met through CPRS are not just professional connections, but friends for life.  I have served on CPRS boards of all levels (District, Section, State and back to District and Section again).

Current CPRS Involvement (2023/2024):
CPRS District 15, President
CPRS Awards Program, Co-Chair