The following CPRS members are interested in serving YOU as a CPRS State Board leader.  Get to know them by reading their candidate statements below!  Want to learn more or connect with a candidate?  Simply click on their name within their bio and be connected to their profile page.  

Candidates for Vice President

Tom Hellmann

Community and Cultural Services Manager
City of Folsom

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I believe the membership needs to understand that they deliver a great deal more than just an event or a program. Every day we impact and enhance people’s lives and everyday communities across the state are better because of the talented staff engaged and committed to serving these people. Professionals also need to believe that everything they do supports more than just there individual communities, but that they continue to advance and raise the bar of service delivery for all professionals throughout the state. It is only by working together that we all can effectively advance California’s park & recreation profession into the next decade and beyond.

It is only through a professional commitment in wanting to learn more and share more with others that a member can ensure success in our profession. Over my time in CPRS I have had countless interactions and opportunities in which I have grown personally and professionally.

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Stephanie House

Recreation Superintendent
West Side Recreation and Park District

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

I am very passionate when it comes to supporting the parks and recreation profession.  Working together with other leaders in CPRS to provide services to our membership is a great way to "give back" and to collaborate in cultivating a strong professional network and resources.  I have created a large network in my 18 years of CPRS membership and I feel that I have the ability to connect people and provide valuable insight to most situations.

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Patrick Larkin

District Administrator
Cordova Recreation and Park District

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?

Facilitator of the meetings and group work to obtain goals. I'm an excellent communicator and enjoy building relationships with others. I am a good coach and mentor and enjoy developing my staff.  

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