CPRS Awards Banquet FAQ's!

CPRS Awards Banquet
Friday, March 13, 2020
Hyatt Regency Long Beach

6:00 - 7:00pm - Reception & Photos
7:00 - 8:30pm - Banquet

Purchase Tickets:

Banquet Seating will be assigned. We will make every effort to sit agency representatives together. If tickets are purchased at different times, that may not be possible. Please check-in when you arrive at the banquet to be directed to your seat.  Doors to the banquet hall open at 6:45pm, Friday, March 13.

Seating/Ticket Requests:  Please contact Ann Dunleavy regarding who is sitting at your table. She can be reached at adunleavy@ci.benicia.ca.us or 707.590.3378.

May I buy a ticket on site?
Please check at the conference registration area / ticket sales counter to see if tickets are available. A minimum number is available on site but once they are sold, we are sold out.

Do I have a ticket?
Stop by the CPRS Conference & Expo registration desk and ask.  If your agency purchased a number of tickets we may not know who is included in that group, so you may want to also check with your agency contact person.

What time do we need to arrive at the Banquet?
Agencies receiving an award should have at least one representative check in at 6:00pm to receive instructions on accepting their award on stage.  Please contact Ann Dunleavy for more information about accepting your award.

We need to switch who is coming – who do we tell?
Award Acceptor: Please contact Ann Dunleavy, Awards Chair, regarding changes to who is accepting your award. Ann can be reached at adunleavy@ci.benicia.ca.us or 707.590.3378.

Banquet Attendee: You MUST have a ticket to attend the Awards Banquet.  See above for information on purchasing tickets.  Please share your ticket with whomever will be attending in your place should you be unable to attend.

What time is check in?
Photo and award acceptor check in begins at 6:00pm, Hyatt Regency Long Beach.

The reception begins at 6:00pm; the banquet begins at 7:00pm.

What time is my agency’s photo taken?
Your agency representative will receive an email giving you your assigned time. Please check with that person. As a last resort, check in at 6:00pm and your time will be given to you.

Where are the photos being taken?
The agency photos will be taken starting at 6:00pm at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach.

Who do I contact to order an extra award?
Additional awards may be ordered from the Awards Chair Ann Dunleavy.  Cost for an additional award will be $100 and includes shipping.

Do I need to wear my conference name badge to the Awards Banquet?
No, you do not need to wear your conference name badge to the Awards Banquet.

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact the following individuals:

General Award Questions: 
Ann Dunleavy, Awards Chair, 707.746.4282
Stephanie Molina, Awards Chair, 661.793.4246

To purchase Banquet Tickets:
Linnie Andreotti, CPRS, 916.665.2777

To request special seating arrangements for the Banquet:
Ann Dunleavy, Awards Chair, 707.746.4282

Best of the Best (BoB) Showcase Questions:
Stephanie Stephens, CPRS, 916.665.2777