The following CPRS members are interested in serving YOU as a CPRS State Board leader.  Get to know them by reading their candidate statements below!  Want to learn more or connect with a candidate?  Simply click on their name within their bio and be connected to their profile page.  

Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer

Nicole Acquisti

Recreation Supervisor
City of Burlingame

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?
CPRS’s vision is to strength the professional, and therefore strengthen the communities they serve.   As the lead for the CPRS Take 5 Challenge, I have spent this last year committed to helping connect members throughout the state.  I strongly believe that we can become better when we work together, and there is so much talent and passion throughout California.  Connecting professionals does not only benefit the person; but it does strengthen the community as well.  With professionals networking, sharing ideas, visions, knowledge, even fears and challenges, Parks and Recreation professionals can continue to  provide essential services to the communities we serve.  

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Zach Jones

Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Lathrop

What role can you play in helping CPRS meet its vision?
As a long time member of CPRS I do think it is important to continue to connect the experienced members of our profession with the next generation of professionals.  This connection will not only assist in guiding our newest members it will also assist in continuing to rejuvenate and motivate our older members.  At least is has for me.  I would enjoy playing a part in continuing this sort of take 5 movement.

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