Calling for Education Sessions & Speakers!
Conference only submittals are due July 1, 2019 - but note that we are accepting proposals for all of our training programs.

Over 100 educational sessions will be available over four days during our conference. Park and recreation professionals around the nation would like to learn the strategies YOU use to make lives & communities better now & in the future! Share your expertise!!

Conference details:
March 10 - 13, 2020
Long Beach Convention Center

Complete our "call for sessions" information online TODAY and be a part of our lineup of experts!

Some basic instructions:

Step 1:  Log in! (We recommend that you do not use Chrome)
Members - Log in, using your pre-assigned username and password
Non-members - go directly to Step 2

Step 2:  Decide which Training Track your session falls under
To see our 
Training Track descriptions click here.  Decide your track, then select the track from the drop down menu below to access the online submission form. decide on the draft title of your session using no more than eight words.

Step 3:  Use this paper form to begin writing your proposal.  Review the proposal sections, review the checklist and the scoring rubric used by our review teams.  We recommend keeping copies of descriptive text in the paper form, in the event an error occurs with your online submission.  Simply use this page to write your information, then copy and paste into the online form.  

Step 4:  Fill out the online form and submit.  Please note, all sections of the form are REQUIRED and you will not be able to submit a partial proposal.  Use our paper form to collect all the information you need, as well as begin writing your proposal before submitting the information online.  

A few more tips:

  • Write clear, concise learning outcomes
  • Develop a complete presentation outline in writing as an attachment
  • Complete all sections!
  • Keep copies of descriptive text in the event the information is lost!
  • Don't have enough content for a full session?  Let us know your topic area and perhaps we can pair you up with two other related topics and speakers to make a full session called a 'Flash Talk'!
  • Contact us at with any questions or if you run into trouble with our form.

Educational Focus Areas (tracks) for the 2018 Conference
Please select the primary educational focus area (track) from the list or make up your own and list it after your session title (same box as session title).

Conference only priority submittals are due July 1 - but note that we accept proposals for all of our training programs year-round.

Submit a Session for a Track:

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Should you have any questions or run into trouble with the online Call for Session form, please contact us at

    We look forward to learning from you!