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Prop 68 Roll Out

Notwithstanding the fact that Proposition 68 had not yet been ratified by the voters of this state in June, in anticipation of its approval, Governor Brown budgeted proceeds from this act in his 2018-19 budget. In fact, more than $1 billion in Proposition 68 proceeds were part of this year’s budget. More specific to CPRS membership, $185 million in Per Capita funds, $254 million for the Statewide Park Program (SPP… AB 31 Park-Poor Communities Program), nearly $40 million from the Cultural, Community and Natural Resources Program (otherwise referred to as the “Kitchen Sink” Program), and $17 million for “Urban Green Infrastructure” projects, have been appropriated. Additionally, tens of millions of dollars in Proposition 68 proceeds have been allocated to the state’s conservancies (pass through entities for locals). As for the projected roll-out of these funds, the Department of Parks and Recreation is currently asking for public comment on the new draft application of the SPP and CPRS encourages your review and feedback. Send to Comment deadline is November 9th. After the close of public review, three public hearings (northern, central and southern CA) will be scheduled for mid-November. Fifteen application workshops will be conducted through early 2019 and applications will be due sometime in the summer 2019. As for Per Capita, the Department of Parks and Recreation will begin to determine allocations this fall, schedule public hearings in spring of 2019, and announce allocations and final guidelines during late spring 2019. For the Cultural, Community and Natural Resources Program, as well as the Urban Greening Infrastructure pots, the California Natural Resources Agency anticipates soliciting guideline input during the winter of this year.


Start planning now for funding opportunities via Prop 68!  While we don't have a definite release date for programs appropriated in the 2018/19 State budget, we do have a rollout schedule for the following programs:

Statewide Park Program - Round 3:  $254,942,000 to be awarded

Fall/Winter 2018 - Public Hearings, Application Workshops
Spring 2019 - Applications Due

Per Capita Program:  $185,000,000

Fall 2018 - Public Hearings, begin determining allocations
Spring/Summer 2019 - Announce allocations, release final guide

Current Funding Opportunities, Natural Resources Agency
Proposition 68 full Text
Funding Allocation Chart