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Your CPRS Leadership Evolution

No matter where you are in your leadership evolution, you have the power to continue making an impact!  Growing your network, expanding your leadership skill sets and providing learning opportunity for others - one day at a time!  We want to hear about your evolution! 
~Lydie, CPRS President


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Connect with professionals
Discuss and share ideas
Find a new skill to master
Find like minded professionals across CA
Commit to LEARN & GROW



BE 1

Use CPRS Resources and CAP Tools
Attend trainings in your District, Section or Region
Join a Section to increase your potential
Apply for professional scholarships
Invest in YOU
Commit to a Leadership Role   



Share a skill, story, and tools
Share your time & experiences
Commit to the future of Parks and Recreation
30 Under 30
Commit to gaining historical knowledge from seasoned professionals
50 Over 50

"Tell me and I'll forget, Teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn."

~Benjamin Franklin


Print and share Know 1 Be 1 Show 1!