Professional Award of Excellence
Fellowship / Hall of Fame

The Fellowship / Hall of Fame is CPRS' highest award to honor and recognize individuals who have significantly contributed to and influenced CPRS and the parks and recreation profession throughout their career.  This award is not necessarily awarded each year. The Hall of Fame is proudly displayed at CPRS Headquarters, in Sacramento.
This category does not have an entry fee.  Both the nominator and nominee must be a current CPRS member.
The nominator will be responsible for payment and arrangements for nominee's attendance at the CPRS Awards Banquet, should they be chosen to receive this award.

Evaluation Criteria

The nominee must have a proven record and a high level of competency in at least four (4) of these areas:

  • Record of outstanding professional service and a history of engagement to the delivery of park and recreation services or programs throughout their career
  • Service to CPRS through state, district or section activities and / or other professional and community organizations
  • Positive and meaningful impact or change to the community / communities and those who are served
  • Response to a significant challenge in their community and their innovative, responsive and proactive approach in developing solutions to the challenge
  • Leadership achievement(s):  communicating a vision to others inside or outside his/her organization; setting direction; executive decision-making aligned with organization's values, vision, and mission; and being viewed as a change agent within the community, region, or area
  • Achievement in developing and implementing strategic change initiatives to produce desired change in capacity building, strengthening community leadership, or enhancing the planning process
  • Experience in developing cooperative ventures, partnerships, alliances, collaborations or coalitions based on common goals that maximize resources for the long-term goals of the organization
  • Demonstration of innovations and forward-thinking solutions that align their organization or CPRS for a successful future
  • Demonstration of promoting the success of the profession through developing and mentoring young professionals, succession planning or training

You may submit up to four (4) one page letter(s) of reference / achievement addressing one or more of the nine (9) award criteria. Examples may be letter(s) from professional peer(s), supervisor(s), direct report(s), community leader(s), elected or appointed official(s), board / commission member(s), or representative(s) of partner organization(s).

Use these Award Winning Strategies to ensure your nomination is award worthy!

Narrative of Nominee's Contriubtions: Provide a brief overview of the candidate's career indicating positions held and the years involved; list any awards or recognitions received; list leadership or other activities with local, state, and / or national organizations. [750 word maximum] (100 pts)

Required Additional Submittals

  1. 2 - 3 HIGH RESOLUTION photos labeled with nominee name and nominator name.

Congratulations to our
2018 Fellowship / Hall of Fame Winner!

Paul Romero

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