3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Connecting Families to Parks - New Approaches for Outreach & Programming

  • Communicate nationwide research available for public agency decision-making which conveys new and creative ways in which parks & recreation agencies are developing and garnering support for family programs-including new efforts to reach out to underserved communities
  • Identify how agencies are developing programs and providing access to nature

Amy Lethbridge, Deputy Executive Officer, Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority
Bob Palacio, Superintendent of Neighborhood Services, San Francisco Recreation & Park Department

Development Policy: How to Protect the Parks and Recreation Needs in Your Growing Community

  • Evaluate current development agreements for compliance with existing park master plans
  • Explain how to ensure that new parks are installed according to the planning and agreements

Robert Lennox, Director of Community Services, City of Menifee
Tim Gallagher, Principal, Gallagher Consulting
Zachary Mueting, LEED AP (BD & C), Landscape Architect, RJM Design Group, Inc.

Drought Friendly Recreation -
Responsible Approaches to Mitigate Water Use and Provide Alternative Recreation

  • Identify the effects of the current drought as it pertains to your communities’ ability to use parks
  • Evaluate whether your current facilities and infrastructure are drought friendly and if adjustments are feasible

Chad Kennedy, ASLA, LEED AP, CPSI, Landscape Architect, O’Dell Engineering
Aaron Spohn, President, Spohn Ranch, Inc. Custom Skate Parks

Evidence-Based Landscape Design: Pilot Study of Children with Developmental Disorders

  • Identify elements of landscape design that facilitate self-regulation and social participation for all children, especially those with developmental disabilities, and contribute to a quality experience in sensory playgrounds/gardens
  • Discuss research findings from this project, which go beyond playground design, and have implications for park planning, design and landscape architecture in general

John McConkey, Market Research & Insights Manager, Landscape Structures, Inc.
Ingrid Kanics, MOT, OTR/L, President, Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC

From Mad Men to Admin! Conquering Social Media Marketing

  • Identify five techniques in Social Media to keep messaging professional and adhere to your city’s policies
  • Discuss ways to use social media for marketing programs

Toni Nunez, Marketing Graphics Designer, City of Mission Viejo
Tony Sanchez, Trainer, Leadership Concepts, Inc.

Leadership…Is It In You???

  • Define what it is to be a strong leader
  • Participate by providing tools to enhance leadership skills

Lydie Gutfeld, Community Services Manager, City of Mission Viejo
Marc Gutfeld, Community Services Supervisor, City of Irvine

Make Youth Sports Life Better!

  • Identify at least two best practices that can be applied to youth sports program development
  • Recognize and apply a strategy to proactively address situations and issues commonly faced by a youth sports program

Richard Carr, MPA, Recreation Supervisor, City of Santa Clarita
David Gillus, Program & Tournament Coordinator, Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation
Jeff Van Sickle, Assistant Supervisor, City of Garden Grove

SCORP 2015: Recreation Plan Comes Alive!

  • Identify areas within California that are park deficient and how current funding opportunities can help address these deficiencies
  • Describe how the 2015 SCORP can assist in local park planning efforts and promote best practices in project and program design

Sedrick Mitchell, Deputy Director, California State Parks
Jean Lacher, Chief, California State Parks
Viktor Patino, Manager, California State Parks

Signature Special Events! What’s Your Secret Sauce?

  • Identify special events that need some “secret sauce,” and brainstorm themes for your existing events, or future additions to add to your communities’ event calendar
  • Formulate the marketing plan, using a variety of methods (social media, postcards, print ADs) including in-house registration software to help advertise events

Gretchen Malcolm, Recreation Supervisor, City of Laguna Niguel
Ron Rivera, Recreation Center Supervisor, City of Lake Forest
Ashley Blair, Community Service Supervisor, City of Mission Viejo

The World of Aquatics - Programs, Staffing, Operations, Oh My!

  • Discuss and share best practices that will assist with building a top rated program
  • Communicate how staff development, retention, and succession are the key ingredients

Tom Hellmann, CPRP, Recreation Supervisor, Cosumnes Community Services District

Up to Date, Up to Par, and Up the Ladder

  • Describe the fundamentals of effective and efficient staff supervision
  • Discuss the Up to Date, Up to Par, and Up the Ladder staff supervision plan

Idris Al-Oboudi, Recreation Services Manager, City of Manhattan

Why Culture Trumps Vision in World Class Companies

  • Identify the importance of a clear vision that “starts with why” and how to use vision statements to focus your agency through purpose to success
  • Discuss how world-class companies like Apple and Google create distinct organizational culture within their companies and apply their concepts and components in fostering a winning culture within your team that elevates performance and success

Michael Shellito, President, Shellito Training and Consulting

3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Mini-Design Studio - Collaborative Design In a Charrette Setting (hands on design work)

  • Define the design studio process (a charrette) and the collaborative components involved
  • Interact with professional and non-professional designers to practice the Charrette process and its application for your current planning processes

Pat Hirsch, Landscape Architect/President, Hirsch & Associates, Inc.
Mark Hirsch, Senior Project Manager/Landscape Contractor, Hirsch & Associates, Inc.