8:15 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

How to Price Your Sponsorship Offerings

  • Evaluate the value of all elements (tangible and intangible) within your park and recreation programs
  • Generate a sponsorship pricing matrix that will affirm the value of the sponsorship to the buyers

Sylvia Allen, President, Allen Consulting, Inc.

Important Considerations When Leasing Your Agency Building or Facilities

  • Explain what factors are important to consider before leasing your facilities
  • Identify provisions to include in your leases and boilerplate terms

Heather DeBlanc, Attorney, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Part-Time Staff: How to “Hire” the Best and Brightest and Build the Strongest Team

  • Share the tools needed to know how to develop a 2-hour group interview
  • Explain how to construct a comprehensive interview

Cindy Bagley, Recreation Program Supervisor, Town of Windsor

Progress Not Perfection - Thriving During Stress

  • Communicate ways to shift your energies away from stress management and instead learn how to invest in managing your strengths
  • List at least five techniques to assist in focusing on how to tap into your power to thrive in life

Art Thatcher, CPRP, AFO, CPO, MPA, Project Manager, GreenPlay, LLC

Reducing Generational Stigma through Intergenerational Programming (moved from Friday)

  • Discuss the need for intergenerational programming that allows youth and seniors to connect in meaningful ways
  • Explain at least two ways to decrease negative generational stigma using the Life Story Program

Jason Lass, Senior Program Supervisor, City of Claremont
Katie Distelrath, Youth Program Supervisor, City of Claremont

Tips in 20:

Recreation Sustainability, How to Do More with Less

Three 20 minute discussions exploring expansion of recreational opportunities with today’s environmental limitations.


Splash Pads During a Drought?  Yes You Can

  • Articulate water play recreation vs. drought/water use challenges

Mobility and Healthy Living Programs

  • Describe the benefits of programs aimed at getting people to use bike and pedestrian paths, reduce vehicular use and identify funding opportunities

My Water Bill Keeps Going Up and My Fields are Brown, Help!

  • Explain challenges related to facility maintenance and impacts to recreation programs which includes retrofitting to reduce water use (and cost) while improving appearance and functionality

Moderator: Chuck Foley, Landscape Architect, HAI Hirsch & Associates, Inc.
Jim Spence, Vice President, Business Development, Vortex Aquatic Structures, Intl.
Nate Baird, Bicycle & Healthy Living Coordinator, City of Long Beach
Mark Hirsch, Landscape Contractor, HAI Hirsch & Associates, Inc.

Tips in 20:
Stepping Up Staffing & Supervision

Three 20 minute discussions exploring synergistic supervision of public agency employees.


Rewarding & Retaining Staff

  • Consider strategies that contribute to employee career development and limit high employee turnover

Dealing with Difficult Supervision Issues, You Can’t Afford Not To!

  • Discuss implications associated with not addressing most supervision issues

Effective Staff Supervision: Keys to Accountability

  • Recognize the difference between micromanaging and managing staff, while supporting staff to be accountable in their daily tasks and overall job duties

Moderator/Speaker: Lori Hoffner, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.
Craig Bronzan, Retired Director, Consultant
Pam Passow, Assistant Director of Beaches, Parks and Recreation, City of San Clement

Tips in 20:
Your Career Development—Leveling Up

Three 20 minute discussions exploring tips to advance your professional development.


Defining the Perfect Boss

  • Compare employees’ favorite managerial traits

Career Networking: Strategies for Your Personal Plan

  • Discuss professional relationships that will serve your career and advance your agency’s mission

Avoiding Burnout – Is a Job Switch Right For You?

  • Recognize the importance of taking personal ownership in your career destiny

Moderator/Speaker: Rosemary Cameron Consultant, Retired Assistant General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District
Kyla Brown, Chief - Parks & Recreation, County of Riverside
Katie Houser, CPRP, Recreation Supervisor II, City of West Sacramento
Brandi Dionne, Recreation Supervisor II, City of West Sacramento