8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Benefits of Public/Private Partnerships

  • Analyze the process that is needed for a public/private partnership in order for it to be successful
  • Communicate with potential private business partners and have an understanding of what they are looking for in a partnership

David De Leon, Recreation Manager, City of La Habra
Mark Botterill, Chief Operations Officer, Bownet Sports Group
Keith Rogers, CEO, Goals Soccer Centers
Paul Adams, Director of Parks & Recreation, City of South Gate

Growing Our Successors

  • Identify the key ingredients of powerful development or learning experiences
  • Explain three ways to accelerate your own development and the growth of others

Dr. Frank Benest, Consultant, Retired City Manager

Healthy Neighborhoods: From Concept to Reality

  • Identify core elements and characteristics that lay the foundation for vigorous, successful, and prosperous neighborhoods
  • Describe how to apply tools to future parks and planning development for your agency

Gregor Markel, Principal, Dahlin Group Architecture Planning
Leslee Temple, FASLA, President, NUVIS
Bill Phillips, Mayor, City of Aliso Viejo

Ignite the Passion for Customer Satisfaction

  • Discuss the positive impact of a custom mission and vision statement
  • Identify how a simple acronym can help express your needs for customer satisfaction

Rebecca Sermeno, Recreation Coordinator, City of Piedmont
Tricia Hall, Aquatics Supervisor, Highlands Recreation District

Park and Recreation Master Plan: Your Parks! Your Voice! Your Future!

  • Identify five steps to plan for a successful master plan process including new trends and implementation strategies
  • Explain how to retain and effectively use consultants to support the Master Plan process and stay within your budget

Olivia Lemen, Management Analyst, Town of Windsor
Donna Legge, Parks and Recreation Director, Town of Windsor
Linda Gates, Partner, Gates + Associates

POP Culture Programming for Teens

  • Discuss how to use popular trends in pop culture for teen programming (ages 6-12 grades)
  • Share and practice opportunities to connect with teens for communication, programming and marketing

Heather Davis, Board of Directors, Southern California Teen Coalition
Tim Pagano, Recreation Specialists, City of Brea
Jennifer Leuning, Recreation Coordinator, City of Beverly Hills

Recruit, Retain & Recognize Your Volunteers

  • Generate a recruitment plan that identifies natural partners to the Parks & Recreation community who can be tapped to help facilitate programs and implement events
  • Discuss the importance of volunteer retention in building a robust program and brainstorm creative ideas for recognizing your efforts as a means of retention

Becky Lunders, Facilitator/Trainer/Consultant, teamWorks

The Local Lifecycle: Converting Your Community into Loyal Registrants

  • Explain how to develop three lead generation strategies and how you can engage with your audience
  • Discuss how to retain the relationships you have generated utilizing four marketing tips and tricks

Kevin Jones, Senior Account Manager, ACTIVE Network, LLC
Janette Onizuka, Senior Account Manager, ACTIVE Network
Megan Hardisty, Senior Account Manager, ACTIVE Network