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50 Over 50!

The CPRS State Board is honored to highlight 50 professionals over 50!  We know that many of our members will read these inspirational testimonials and hopefully work to remember them as they move forward in their recreation journeys.  The concept is very simple:

50 testimonials from professionals over the age of 50 that share experiences in our field, their lessons learned, their wishes for the future. These testimonials will be posted on social media, on our website, newsletter, and also printed in our parks and recreation magazine throughout the year.

  • Know an outstanding professional over the age of 50, who would share their story and passion for the Parks & Recreation profession?  Nominate them as a 50 Over 50 storyteller!
  • Interested in sharing your story as a 50 Over 50 professional?  Nominate yourself!

You are an inspiration.  Thank you for taking the time to help the future of parks and recreation!  Thank you for taking the time to enhance the CPRS membership experience!

We appreciate you!

Your 2019-20 CPRS Board of Directors

Meet our 50 Over 50's...


Dianne Hoover
City of Bakersfield

“Lesson Learned thru Parks & Recreation”

Serving all 42 years of my professional life in the field of Recreation and Parks, the most important lesson I have learned is that Parks Make Life Better.  Parks, along with recreation, are essential services provided by public agencies throughout the world.

Even though it sounds like a cliché, the well-researched tagline for CPRS contains meaning for anyone in the profession, for anyone that has visited a park, and for anyone that plans and build parks. Parks are places people go to recreate, rejuvenate, or relate in ways that cannot happen anywhere else.

Let that sink in; feel the essential service that only parks and recreation provides to communities.  We are in the forefront of conservation, providers of healthy habits, and managing climate change.  We touch everyone’s life whether they know it or not, and parks will be there whenever one chooses to cross that threshold.

My hope for the future is that the power of parks never fades into the sunset.



Dianne’s fulltime career in public recreation and parks began as a Watercraft Officer on Lake Erie with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and is winding down as the Director of Recreation and Parks in the City of Bakersfield.  Her journey included Director of Parks and Recreation in Fort Wayne, IN; Oakwood, OH; Lima, OH and Assistant Director in Cincinnati, OH.  She earned a Master’s in Parks and Recreation Administration from Western Illinois University and an MPA from the University of Dayton.

She has served on numerous NRPA boards & committees culminating as NRPA President in 2010.  She is currently President-Elect of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration (AAPRA) and will be President of the Academy in September.

Not quite ready for retirement, she is an avid adventurer who recently spent an REI volunteer vacation in the Galapagos Islands photographing sea turtles and clearing habitat for land tortoises. Locally, she is heavily involved in the Arts Council of Kern and in the Bakersfield Sister City programs.

What keeps her awake at night is the constant vandalism in public parks and spaces and the lack of funding to keep up with it.  What keeps her energized are the hundreds of families enjoying the free parks and affordable programs offered by public agencies everywhere.  She relishes in the positive power of play for happy, healthy and long lives.