Service Award of Excellence
Champion of the Community

The Champion of the Community award honors and recognizes individuals or organizations who have contributed significant effort to influence and improve the quality of their community through parks and recreation.  This statewide award recognizes the contributions of those who volunteer and provide support and services in their community that furthers the mission and quality delivery of park and recreation services, programs and facilities in their community.

A special note to Nominators: 

ALL Champion of the Community Nominees will receive a CPRS Champion of the Community Certificate.

High scoring applications, based on your narrative, will receive top Champion of the Community honors including an individual plaque or award and recognition at our CPRS Awards Banquet.

We encourage you to additionally recognize your Champion of the Community Award recipient in your community through recognition at public meetings or gatherings, CPRS District and Section events, news media, and other opportunities.

As the award nominator, you will be responsible for payment and arrangements for any recognition, such as ticket(s) to attend the CPRS Awards Banquet. 

Evaluation Criteria

In narrative format, please tell us the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee including any or all of the following elements.  Judges will rate your narrative on a scale of 1-100, based on how well you tell the story of your Champion.  Help us know the impact these people have on your community!

  • Record of outstanding volunteer, elected or appointed service to the delivery of park and recreation services or programs in their community;
  • Contributions to the development of or improvements to new equipment, apparatus, facilities or programs that enhance the provision of parks and recreation services;
  • Creation of positive and meaningful impact or change for the community, and those that are served, through park and recreation services and programs;
  • Response to a significant challenge in their community and their innovative, responsive and proactive approach in developing solutions to those challenges.

Congratulations and a heartfelt THANK YOU to our
2018 Champions of the Community!

Larry Minor, Valley Wide Recreation & Park District
Louise & Gordon Dilger, City of Oxnard
Jose Romo, City of Vacaville
Shirley Ernest, City of San Ramon
Fountain Valley Community Foundation, City of Fountain Valley

Check out photos from our Awards Banquet here!