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  • Recreation Therapy Student Looking for Internship

    Hello CPRS RT Section Members

    I received this email request this morning. I hope that one of our section members can help her out. Please contact her directly.

    Thank you.




    Hi John, my name is Anna Chambers. I am the Camp Director at Easterseals Camp Harmon and am looking to fulfill a Recreational Therapy internship in order to fulfill my degree in RT (this is the last thing I need in order to graduate). Does any of your organization have a Rec Therapist on staff that could oversee me/is this something that has been done before?

    Look forward to hearing back from you,

    Thanks in advance!



    Anna Chambers

    Camp Harmon Director

    Office: 831-338-3383

    Cell: 831-566-0388



    John Glaeser
    Director of Communications