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Ms. Nicole Acquisti

City of Burlingame Park & Recreation Department

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City of Burlingame Park & Recreation Department



Since 2002, I have been working in Parks and Recreation agencies as a full time professional for great cities including Redwood City, Pacifica, and most currently, Burlingame.  I have overseen a variey of areas include Youth and Teen Programming, Special Events, Aquatics, Facilities, and CIPs.  In 2010, I obtained a Master’s of Science in Recreation, Parks and Tourism from San Francisco State University, where I have also been a guest Lecturer and classroom speaker.

It has been my privilege to collaborate with professionals throughout District 4!  I have been part of great committees including YTRS board, Awards and Citations Dinner, and Grant Committee.  I have also been fortunate to work with some great leaders while I was VP of Correspondence for 5 years, and a two term District 4 President.     

Currently, I am the Secretary-Treasurer for the CPRS State Board of Directors (2019-2021)!