Why serve on a CPRS District, Section, or State Board?

Competency Development

Leading through Vision and Change

  • Board service provides the opportunity to develop a plan to address the evolving needs of park and recreation professionals.   Board service builds one’s ability to see the profession through a new lens and provides the system and structure to develop leadership skills.


  • Board service builds skills to enact change.  The 1-2 year Board service terms continually bring new people, new ideas and new (and sometimes old) issues to the forefront.    Board service teaches how to be on the pro-active side of change and plan rather than haphazardly react to adverse conditions.


  • One of the greatest outcomes of Board service are the public speaking skills built through chairing Board meetings and speaking to groups.   Serving on the Board, particularly as President, provides the rare opportunity to polish presentation skills through a live and engaged audience.

 Building a Successful Team

  • Board service is all about teamwork.  While serving on a Board, members learn how to interact and work with others while striving to achieve a common goal.   The impact of this experience prepares members to think and act as a cohesive unit, while clearly understanding each other’s role.

 Developing Others

  • Boards have the responsibility of creating a succession plan.  The outcomes of this experience are skills gained in orienting, training, mentoring, and educating others to lead effectively. 


Educational Growth

Role of Governance

  • Board service teaches how to represent members and participate in a governance role, which is different than a management role.   At the District and Section level, Board members learn how to actively listen, link with members, and deliver experiences which fulfill CPRS overarching goals.   At the State level, Board members learn how to govern the Society using the Policy GovernanceÒ model.  This understanding of governance is helpful to advance in public administration.

 Trends and Best Practices

  • CPRS board members are often the first to learn about innovations, trends and award-winning programs.   CPRS Boards typically conduct annual awards programs which recognize best practices and outstanding service to the profession.     

 Access, Interpretation and Utilization of Research

  • The impacts of the economic recession have permanently changed the way park and recreation agencies operate.   What was once the desired outcome of “resident fun and satisfaction” has given way to “creating a lasting impact which measurably improves community safety, health, and quality of life.”   The CPRS boards are learning how to advance the profession through the application of research and evidence based practices to create desirable outcomes.

 Legislation and Governmental Functions

  • Agency operations can be directly affected by state laws and regulations. CPRS introduces, monitors, and influences legislation that advances park and recreation services and it works diligently to stop proposals that will hinder the profession. Serving on a board gives you firsthand knowledge of legislative or regulatory issues that may impact your agency.


Career Marketability

Developing Productive, Impactful and Lasting Business Relationships

  • Service on a CPRS board connects people and builds relationships.  In today’s competitive job climate, career growth is often linked to who knows you and what you have accomplished beyond job duties.

 Distinguishing Qualifications

  • Board service indicates you are serious about your commitment to the profession.  This may result in an advantage over other candidates competing for employment positions.  While every point counts in positioning oneself for promotion, CPRS service strengthens a candidate’s marketability.

 Build Credibility

  • CPRS board members put a spotlight on themselves when they step up to lead a project, event, program or presentation.  When they effectively lead, others take notice.  The result is instant credibility, which may mean the difference in being invited to a promotional interview or securing vital partners. 


  • Those who have served on CPRS State, District and Section boards are often the first to be invited to exclusive education and networking events.  The opportunities to learn advanced concepts, participate in think-tanks and meet some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry are greatly enhanced through Board service.

Bottom Line:  

Board service prepares you to be an informed

and prepared park and recreation professional!

Interested in learning more?  Contact CPRS Vice President and Nominations Chair Tara Gee for more info!