2023 Fellowship / Hall of Fame

Fellowship / Hall of Fame
2023 Award Recipients

Professional and Service Awards

Dr. Chris Chamberlain

2023 Fellowship / Hall of Fame

Evaluation Criteria for the Fellowship / Hall of Fame Award

This award is based on the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee including any or all of the following elements:

  • Record of outstanding professional service and a history of engagement to the delivery of park and recreation services or programs throughout their career
  • Service to CPRS through state, district or section activities and / or other professional and community organizations
  • Positive and meaningful impact or change to the community / communities and those who are served
  • Response to a significant challenge in their community and their innovative, responsive and proactive approach in developing solutions to the challenge
  • Leadership achievement(s):  communicating a vision to others inside or outside his/her organization; setting direction; executive decision-making aligned with organization's values, vision, and mission; and being viewed as a change agent within the community, region, or area
  • Achievement in developing and implementing strategic change initiatives to produce desired change in capacity building, strengthening community leadership, or enhancing the planning process
  • Experience in developing cooperative ventures, partnerships, alliances, collaborations or coalitions based on common goals that maximize resources for the long-term goals of the organization
  • Demonstration of innovations and forward-thinking solutions that align their organization or CPRS for a successful future
  • Demonstration of promoting the success of the profession through developing and mentoring young professionals, succession planning or training

About the Fellowship / Hall of Fame Award

Fellowship / Hall of Fame award is the highest honor bestowed upon a CPRS member!

CAP Innovate

The CPRS Awards Program highlights those people, places and programs who embody our INNOVATE strategy from the California Action Plan (CAP).