CPRS Member Benefits

There is a reason 86% of ALL California Park & Recreation Agencies have active members in the California Park & Recreation Society

CPRS is "The Leader" in providing California's park and recreation professionals with Education, Networking, Resources, and Advocacy. CPRS member benefits include:

1) Relevant education about park and recreation issues and trends

Your Value:

  • Adapt to economic pressures and rapidly changing workplaces
  • Communicate to decision makers and the general public about the profession's relevance
  • Develop and increase employee efficiency - all of which contribute to a stronger bottom line
  • Maintain relevancy to your employer and individuals served
  • Increase personal knowledge and expertise through learning experiences unobtainable through your employer
  • Develop your own leadership skills
  • Strengthen competencies critical to your success and effectiveness in the workplace
  • Opportunities for Training Scholarships through CPRS Districts and Sections
2) Networking opportunities where professionals connect across agency boundaries and disciplines

Your Value

  • Connect to thousands of other professionals who operate with a shared mission, vision and values
  • Share experiences, ideas and views with some of the best minds in the profession
  • Advance your career opportunities through increased contact with peers
  • Collaborate and share with individuals on industry-wide issues
3) Resources where professionals can find a multitude of information in one location

Your Value:

  • Save time and money when searching for answers, policies, technical information or products in one location
  • Utilize one stop shop for current industry information and resources 
4) Advocacy for Parks & Recreation

Your Value:

  • Position parks and recreation as an essential community service to elected officials and the general public
  • Preserve and protect government provided parks and recreation
  • Positively impact the profession’s future and develop your advocacy skills
  • Utilize resources for lobbying at the local level
  • Track state & federal legislation that may have significant impact to service delivery