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Parks Make Life Better!® Branding Campaign

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The goal of the Parks Make Life Better!® branding campaign is to raise awareness of the benefits of parks and recreation throughout California and to raise the status of parks and recreation as a vital community service. When all 525 park and recreation agencies in California unite under one banner and communicate clearly and concisely the key messages of the Parks Make Life Better!® branding campaign, we will reach our brand objectives:

  • Build loyalty for parks and recreation services
  • Heighten the profession's bargaining power and independence
  • Stimulate growth
  • Attract talented people to the profession
  • Involve the public
  • Gain greater resources and support

This campaign is far more than just placing the Parks Make Life Better!® logo on your activity guide or staff shirts. It is a movement that relies on every staff person who has any contact with the general public to understand that his/her actions help shape the brand that is Parks Make Life Better!®.

CPRS has created a wealth of information and resources on branding parks and recreation. Please find below the information you need to start or continue your work on the brand Parks Make Life Better!® .

Parks Make Life Better!® logo

The Parks Make Life Better!® logo is a service mark and is the property of the California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS). CPRS grants use of the Parks Make Life Better!® logo to individual and agency CPRS members upon return of a Logo Use Agreement signed by a CPRS member.

Key Messages

Messages to help you communicate the important role your agency plays in how Parks Make Life Better!®. Download here > 

Branding ToolKit

An informative document explaining the branding process, research, key messages and description of the tools. Download here >

Community-Focused PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation with photos, key messages and logo. Can be customized with your agency's information. In English click here, In Spanish click here.

July is Parks Make Life Better!® Month Resolution

Sample resolution to use for your city council, board or commission to adopt July as Parks Make Life Better!® month. Download here >

July is Parks Make Life Better!® Month Social Media Blitz

Sample social media memes for agencies to use to promote the key messages of the Parks Make Life Better!® branding campaign. Read more >

Parks Make Life Better! Stories

What does the Parks Make Life Better!® brand mean to YOU? Here are a few stories to inspire you... Read more >

Parks Make Life Better! Library Items

Download and/or share documents that exemplify the Parks Make Life Better! branding campaign key messages. Read more >