CPRS Job Center

Welcome to the CPRS Job Center, the most extensive listing of park and recreation jobs in the U.S. At any given time the CPRS Job Center can contain over 40 job announcements. To make the viewing of jobs easier, CPRS created a search function to allow you to refine your search by using key words or job classifications. Use the search box immediately below this paragraph to begin your search of the CPRS Job Center. The Job Center is a members-only area. If you would like to become a CPRS member, click here.

Placing Job Announcements
You do not have to be a CPRS member to post a job announcement. The fee to place a job announcement is $75 for CPRS Member Agencies and $100 for Non-member Agencies. The ads will run for 30 days. Agencies can rerun ads for an additional 30 days at the rate of $50. Click here to place a job announcement.

Agencies that offer internships to park and recreation students can post information on this page for free. Please e-mail announcements to john@cprs.org. To view the list of internships please click here.

Sample Interview Questions
Preparing for the job inteview can be a stressful time. What will they ask me? How can I prepare? What should I be thinking about as I go into the interview? These and other questions pop into your head as you get ready for that important job interview. CPRS has compiled over 400 sample questions and categorized them by job positions. Click here to view the sample questions so that you are better prepared for that all-important interview. .