Tweet All About It - People in Parks Feel More Positive

People in parks are more positive, and around areas like major transport hubs more negative, according to analysis of 2.2 million tweets in Melbourne. The research combines social media, such as Twitter, and big data analytics, tied to real time and place, to develop understanding of the well-being benefits of city parks. The analysis shows that tweets in parks contain more positive content (and less negativity) than in built-up areas. For built-up areas in general, negativity is often associated with major transport hubs, perhaps unsurprisingly, and residential areas. Read more >> 



Maintenance Management School Provides Unrivaled Training in a 5-Year Curriculum! 

The Maintenance Management School (MMS) teaches students a systematic approach for determining the resources needed to maintain a public facility, leadership and advancement skills for professionals through an unmatched experience.  Hosted at the UCLA Conference Center just outside Los Angeles, this 5-year curriculum will provide you with the skills you need to be a standout professional and department. Read more >> 


Dog Park Grants to Take Your Park to Heroic Levels

The PetSafe® Bark for Your Park™ grant program is committed to creating safe, off-leash areas for pets and their owners to enjoy for years to come. Bark for Your Park awards 13 communities each year with funding to not only break ground on new parks, but to also help maintain and upgrade existing parks. Next round of grants is open. Apply here >>


Proposition 68 has been approved by California voters!

California has made history by approving this bond measure that focuses squarely on fighting climate change, ensuring equal access to parks and open space throughout our state, and addressing the threats of drought, wildfire, and flood. This effort and the success of Prop 68 sends a clear signal that California supports investment in the state's water, parks, and natural resources.

Learn more about Prop 68 funding priorities here!


Friday, July 20
Training Location: Baywood Court Retirement Center, Castro Valley in Northern California (space is limited at our training facility)
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