4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Asset Inventory: The What & The Why

  • Describe explicitly what an asset inventory is and how it functions
  • Explain how to develop an asset inventory and implement these best practices within your organization

Derek Neumann, Field Operations Manager, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Beyond Acres per 1,000 – Defining Park Need

  • Identify 5 metrics that can improve evidence-based understanding of the spatial distribution of park need in the community
  • Articulate how evidence-based park metrics can complement community input received during a park needs assessment

Dr. Clement Lau, AICP, Departmental Facilities Planner II, Los Angeles County
Isabelle Minn, RLA, LEED AP, Principal, PlaceWorks
C.C. LaGrange, ASLA, RLA, Senior Associate, PlaceWorks

California’s Park Bond Advocacy – Yes YOU Can!

  • Examine the 2018 Park Bond legislation and the collaborative process involved to create success, including the allies who are now partners
  • Using the CPRS Legislative Tool Kit, discuss your ability to advocate for funding for your agency and for the profession

Nancy Matthews, MA, CPRP; Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach; Commissioner, City of Monrovia; Owner, NLM Consulting Services

CPRS Healthy Play Initiative: Celebrating Statewide Leadership Examples

  • Identify research-based design strategies and considerations for promoting health and wellness in community park designs
  • Discuss model projects and programs of distinction that intentionally focus on promoting physical activity, inclusion, nature play

Lisa Moore, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Services, PlayCore
Stephanie Stephens, CAE, Executive Director, California Park & Recreation Society
Jennie Sumrell, MED Director of Education

Drowning Prevention – #lifelooksgoodonyou

  • Describe how Sacramento County is saving lives through community partnerships and social engagement
  • Explain how Sacramento County used a variety of social media, radio, video, billboards, public art projects and special events to connect with the target audience of adult males between ages 18-25 to encourage them to make a lifesaving decision

Jeff Leatherman, Director, County of Sacramento
Tina Reynolds, President, Uptown Studios

Evidence-based Practice – Feasible Strategies and Approaches

  • Explain how to create a feasible and realistic SMART action plan to incorporate evidence-based practice strategies or approaches at your agency or program
  • Describe three evidence-based practice strategies or approaches that could be feasible to incorporate at your agency/program

Jamie Moody, Program Director - School Wellness, UC San Diego Center for Community Health

How to Train the Best and Brightest Part-time Staff Workshop

  • Develop a tool box of techniques and activities for a part-time staff training that ensures part-time staff are adequately prepared to run recreation programs
  • Recognize gaps in training and be able to construct on-site trainings that do not interrupt the program

Cindy Bagley, CPRP, Community Services Manager, City of Rohnert Park

Imagination at Play: Addressing Societal Challenges through Play

  • Identify leading trends in play space design and the influences driving these trends 
  • Articulate the benefits to communities including social equity, economic impact and multi-generational engagement 

Julie Aldrich, Landscape Designer, Senior Project Manager, Community Design Group
John McConkey, Market Research and Insights Manager, Landscape Structures

Nature Play on a Shoestring Budget

  • Assess methods for adapting key play-ground safety standards to nature play areas
  • Analyze your in-house resources of skills and natural resources and compile effective tools to design and build a nature play area on a tight budget

Shamli Tarbell, PLA 5443, Park Designer, City of San Diego
Andy Field, Assistant Director, City of San Diego
Nicole McNeil, Supervising Recreation Specialist, City of San Diego

Revenue Builders

  • Articulate two or three key revenue builders that will work with attendees’ facilities/programs
  • Identify at least three new revenue generating ideas or strategies

Alexa Pritchard, CPRP, Recreation Superintendent, City of Roseville

Speed Coaching Plus – Hosted by the Administrators Section

  • Evaluate your personal goals, interests, and ambitions using individualized attention and coaching/mentoring suggestions 
  • Review insights and experiences of leading industry professionals to positively impact your career

Facilitated by Cameron Harding, Director, City of Lomita

Trailblazing Online – Digitizing Outdoor Assets and Embracing Technology (moved to Thur 2:45pm)

Vision, Values and Goals: Engaging the Community in Your Parks Strategic Plan

  • Summarize the value of a strategic plan for your parks agency, including why it is important to engage the community, and how to go through an effective visioning process
  • Identify the core elements of a strategic planning process with strong community engagement, and how to effectively host conversations about values

Jessica Wolf, Owner & Principal, Meetings that Matter
Will Fourt, Park Planner, Santa Cruz County

Why Biases Are Holding You and Our Profession Back!

  • Explain the most common biases that may act as a barrier to effective decision making, leadership of people and the management of the parks and recreation profession
  • Identify and explore the top three personal biases that are currently limiting that individual’s potential 

Michael Shellito, Retired City Manager/Consultant, Shellito Training and Consulting