Making a Case for Parks & Recreation

CPRS believes there should be public investment in parks, open space and recreation to achieve positive environmental, economic, and health outcomes for all Californians.  This investment can be financial; thru local, regional or state policies; or via regulations or laws.

CPRS Legislative Priorities:

  • Support efforts to provide funding for the rehabilitation, development and capital improvements for local and state park improvements in order to enhance the active and passive recreational infrastructures in the state.
  • Support the enactment of policies and encourage state funding opportunities to assist agencies in meeting sustainability objectives including energy and water efficiencies, active transportation enhancements, connecitvity and mobility improvements and carbon sequestration through natural landscape management and protection.
  • Oppose legislation that has a negative impact on the administraiton of park and recreation services and resource management including the sale of park lands and open space, relaxations of park dedication fee requirements and the imposition of regulatory or statutory requirements that provide no added protections or benefit to California's recreational consumer.
  • Support access opportunities for all Californians to physical activity, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle options through the promotion of active transportation, complete street implementation, healthy foods, youth programming and maximizing the usage of green space in urban/suburban and rural settings for personal enjoyment. 
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Prop 68 UPDATE

Start planning now for funding opportunities via Prop 68!  While we don't have a definite release date for programs appropriated in the 2018/19 State budget, we do have a rollout schedule for the following programs:

Statewide Park Program - Round 3:  $254,942,000 to be awarded

Fall/Winter 2018 - Public Hearings, Application Workshops
Spring 2019 - Applications Due

Per Capita Program:  $185,000,000

Fall 2018 - Public Hearings, begin determining allocations
Spring/Summer 2019 - Announce allocations, release final guide

Current Funding Opportunities, Natural Resources Agency
Proposition 68 full Text
Funding Allocation Chart

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact any one of us:

Doug Houston, CPRS Advocate, Houston Magnani
Pilar Alcivar-McCoy, CPRS Legislative Committee Chair
Stephanie Stephens, CPRS Executive Director

Thank You Assemblymember Garcia!

 If you are so inclined, a quick Thank You call, email or note to Assemblymember and HUGE park supporter Eduardo Garcia would be highly appropriate.  If it were not for he and his team, we would not have the per capita program included in this bill at all.  Please take a moment to say thanks

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