2022 Marketing & Communications Award of Excellence

Marketing & Communications Award of Excellence
2022 Award Recipients

Awards of Excellence

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City of Folsom Parks And Recreation

Fun Factory Preschool Program Relaunch
Digital Media - Social Media, Class 2


Cordova Recreation & Park District

Who We Are Campaign
Digital Media - Social Media, Class 3


City of Temecula

City of Temecula: Park Adventures
Digital Media - Video, Class 2


City of Roseville

What's Happening in PRL videos

Digital Media - Video, Class 3

Jurupa Community Services District

Digital Media – Web & Mobile, Class 2


City of Eastvale

Taste the World in Eastvale - International Food Festival
Marketing Campaign, Class 2


City of Fremont

Fremont's Inclusive and Innovative Approach to Community Outreach and Engagement

Marketing Campaign, Class 3

City of Temecula


Old Town Temecula Community Theater 2022 – 2023 Season Brochure
Print Publication or Materials, Class 2


City of San Bernardino

Los Parques Mejoran La Vida!
Print Publication or Materials, Class 3


City of Irvine

Irvine Senior Connection Redesign
Print Publication or Materials, Class 4


About the Marketing & Communications Award

This award recognizes excellence in print, audio visual or electronic communications that (1) externally promote the agency’s public parks, facilities, recreation or leisure services programs and have successfully demonstrated an increased level of public awareness or (2) are used to enhance the agency’s internal communications to staff, policy makers, or current program participants.

One Excellence Award may be awarded in each category and each class. 

Evaluation Criteria for the Marketing & Communications Award

Challenge: Describe the marketing and/or communications challenge or goals the entry addressed. [250 word maximum] (20 pts)

Resourcefulness: Extent the entry reflects creative vision, artistic aptitude, innovative graphic design, and was aesthetically pleasing. Describe the role of staff or community focus groups, if any, during the development phase. [400 word maximum] (25 pts)

Execution: Extent the entry communicated consistent and effective message(s) that supported the goal(s) of the marketing/communications effort. [400 word maximum] (20 pts)

Accomplishment: Extent the entry resulted in a noticeable positive change, increased participation or attendance or significantly advanced awareness of park and recreation services in the community. Include reference to analytical tracking tools or reports if available. [400 word maximum] (25 pts)

Mission: Extent the entry organized and communicated a consistent and effective message that supports the mission of the profession and / or promotes the Parks Make Life Better!® campaign. [250 word maximum] (10 pts)

Marketing & Communications Award Categories


Digital Media-Videos

Entry can include television, public service announcements or informational videos

Digital Media-Web/Social Media

Websites, social media, blogs, new/emerging platforms or mobile device app development

Print Publication or Materials

Entry can include agency guides, program or facility brochures that promote general programs, specialty programs or special events whether for a single program or event or for a series of related events such as a concert series, facility guides, annual reports, etc.

Marketing Campaign

Entry utilized a variety of promotional items (ads/print materials/promotional items, or social media) targeted to promote a specific agency event, program or facility. An itemized list explaining how each item was used in the campaign is required. Individual items used in the campaign may not be entered as single items in other categories.


(Based on Population Served)
  • Class 1 - up to 50,000
  • Class 2 - 50,001-125,000
  • Class 3 - 125,001 to 250,000
  • Class 4 - 250,000 +
CAP Innovate

The CPRS Awards Program highlights those people, places and programs who embody our INNOVATE strategy from the California Action Plan (CAP).