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This Award - presented by the CPRS Board of Directors - recognizes outstanding achievement by CPRS Regions, Districts, Sections, and Committees, with a major focus on building our CPRS Community, Advancing our profession, creating and sharing Resources, and providing both professional and leadership Development. The “CPRS State Board 100 Award” may honor one Region, one District, one Section, or one Committee to acknowledge the creative and outstanding work done to serve the CPRS membership.

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Help us congratulate these Board 100 Award winners from 2023!

CAMS 2.023SECTION Winner:
CPRS Aquatics Section
CAMS 2.023

Embarking on a journey of transformation, the California Aquatic Management School (CAMS) has listened intently to the aspirations of its participants over the past 5 years. Their desires for elevated education, a structured tiered learning system, and an implementation-oriented experience resonated strongly. Concerns about escalating pricing and the perceived value of the training were acknowledged. Additionally, the challenge of accessibility in a mountain resort setting was recognized, addressing the hurdles of both travel and cost. In response to these paramount concerns, a visionary committee emerged—a fusion of CAMS' founding members and a dynamic mix of board and at-large section contributors. This amalgamation marked the genesis of CAMS 2.0 '23—a revitalized paradigm for aquatic management education. The committee's overarching mission was clear: to usher in an era of updated and enhanced management education catering to individuals from entry level to director level in the aquatics domain. To bring this vision to fruition, the committee meticulously crafted a tiered educational framework, ensuring attendees leave with actionable insights. Recognizing the financial implications, they tirelessly sought a more affordable approach, introducing a one-day pass option to accommodate varied schedules. The committee prioritized convenience by meticulously selecting an easily accessible location with airport proximity, eliminating unnecessary travel constraints. In a groundbreaking move, the committee successfully recalibrated the pricing structure, making it accessible to a broader audience—bringing it down from the lofty $600s to the more inclusive low $200s. Open registration now provides attendees with a smorgasbord of training options, and partnerships with local community centers and businesses have slashed facility and catering costs. A crowning achievement was the recruitment of a dedicated CAMS Faculty, a first in the school's history. This faculty is committed to enriching the professional development of attendees, cementing CAMS 2.0 '23 as a beacon of progressive aquatic management education. The evolution is not just a cosmetic change; it's a commitment to empowering every participant with knowledge, accessibility, and value—a testament to CAMS' unwavering dedication to excellence.

The committee's approach to planning and marketing the event was a breath of fresh air—an unwavering commitment to the principle of "give them what they want." Armed with a hyperfocus on survey results, the committee embarked on a journey to revamp and elevate the over two-decades-old aquatic management school. Innovation permeated every aspect of the planning process, and the results spoke volumes. The introduction of a "bring 3, get 1 free" registration campaign during July—National Parks and Recreation Month/Parks Make Life Better Month—was a masterstroke. It not only incentivized participation but also aligned the event with a broader celebration of recreational spaces. The three-pronged registration approach, allowing attendees to pick a day or opt for all three, provided unprecedented flexibility. This approach acknowledged the diverse schedules of participants, enhancing the overall accessibility of the event. Furthermore, offering the option for attendees to find their own housing was a progressive move, recognizing the varied preferences and needs of the audience. Adding an aquatic facility tour to witness ongoing and completed Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) at locations like Silliman Aquatic Center, Newark, Mountain View Aquatic Center, and Stanford University was a stroke of genius. This immersive experience not only enriched the learning process but also created memorable moments for attendees, fostering a deeper connection with the subject matter. Environmental consciousness played a pivotal role as binders and paper waste were eliminated. All information was thoughtfully provided on a flash drive, aligning the event with sustainability goals and freeing attendees from the burden of carrying around unnecessary materials. The impact of these innovative approaches was not just anecdotal; it was quantifiable through continuous compliments and survey results. Attendees expressed genuine appreciation for each session and each day, affirming the success of the committee's efforts. The ultimate testament to this success was the influx of requests to join the committee next year—a clear indication of the positive reception and desire to contribute to the ongoing evolution. Furthermore, the event saw the highest number of first-time attendees in recent memory, realizing a key goal of opening doors to a broader professional audience. This influx not only diversified the participant pool but also fulfilled the mission of providing opportunities to those who might not have had the chance to attend otherwise. In essence, the committee's innovative approach not only met but exceeded expectations, creating a transformative experience that will resonate in the minds of participants for years to come. The success of CAMS 2.023 was magnified by the strategic partnership forged with Region 2, adding a new dimension to our Cornhole Social. This collaboration extended the reach of our network, bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds within the aquatics industry and beyond. In the inaugural year of CAMS 2.023, the Cornhole Social became a vibrant hub of connection and collaboration, thanks to the active participation of Region 2. With over 190 attendees, the school witnessed a dynamic synergy during networking sessions and socials, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of camaraderie. Region 2's involvement not only enhanced the scale of the event but also enriched the collective experience of the participants. The partnership exemplified the power of collaboration, fostering a sense of community and unity among professionals in the aquatics field. It served as a testament to the belief that when organizations come together, the impact is not only greater but also resonates more profoundly within the industry. As CAMS continues to evolve, this partnership has set a precedent for future collaborations, underlining the importance of uniting diverse stakeholders to advance the collective goals of the aquatics community. The success of CAMS 2.023 is not just a testament to the educational content but also to the strength of collaborative partnerships that amplify the impact and reach of such endeavors.

CPRS District 10
District 10 Captains of Communication and Marketing

Over the course of the past year, CPRS District 10 expanded its marketing and communication strategies to build a stronger sense of community amongst the agencies it serves. The Board focused on shifting the emphasis from advertising and recapping District programs to educating all on the organization’s services and recognizing the work of its talented members. Through these efforts, the District aimed to increase engagement and further promote the benefits of membership. Described below are the goals and successes of the Marketing and Communications team.


Maintain active and consistent presence by:

- Designing daily posts across all social media platforms to update and connect with followers.

- Crafting and delivering weekly emails to inform District 10 members of current professional development and networking opportunities.

- Developing and distributing a monthly newsletter to interested participants to promote future programming and highlight partnerships and past accomplishments.

Produce relative and relatable content by:

- Formatting and organizing information to cater to all professional levels and reader styles.

- Improving the understanding of the organization’s purpose and goals through creative media.

- Creating unique campaigns with branded images to engage existing members, while also intriguing and enticing non-members to join.

Endorse and acknowledge CPRS AND District agencies by:

- Developing and establishing partnerships with all CPRS sections, districts, and sponsors by cross-promoting programs,  events and resources.

- Supporting District 10 agencies by highlighting city events, programs, and exceptional staff.


Due to the new marketing and communications approach, focus, and goals listed above, D10 found notable success in the following three areas:  

1. D10 Instagram following increased by 41.4%. The number of followers grew from 816 in November of 2022 to 1,154 in October of 2023: This is the highest following amongst all CPRS Districts’ Instagram profiles.

2. District memberships increased by 21%. D10 memberships went from 561 members in November of 2022 to 678 members in October of 2023, which is the largest per member increase of all districts. 

3. Heightened District engagement through expanded program/event registration, program committee member interest, and sponsorships as evident through:

- The Rec Leader Training Consortium registrations increasing from an average of 60 participants to 150.

- Scholarship applications increasing from 7 in 2022 to 27 applicants in 2023.

- All D10 committees experiencing an increase of participation across all seven D10 committees.  

- Sponsorship funding increasing by $6,000 from the previous year.

With hosting vast amounts of outstanding programming for its members, District 10 prioritized the way it shared information. The Board of Directors evaluated previous strategies in hopes of discovering innovative and inclusive tactics to better reach, educate, and celebrate its members. As a result, the D10 Board created a task force which would strive for both quality and quantity in communication and marketing of all aspects of D10. This task force is composed of three positions including the elected Board Secretary, a Communications Specialist, and Marketing Specialist. These three individuals carefully crafted and coordinated multiple types of publications to ensure all program promotions were not only consistent across all communication platforms, but also appealed to its members. Additionally, the task force made a conscious effort to further promote other statewide and section information that related to all levels of the profession, therefore inspiring District members and supporters to remain engaged. One of the task force’s new communication strategies included adding the Communication Specialist position to focus on formatting weekly email content and responding to inquiries through the District email. The weekly emails included seven particular sections to organize information, provide program reminders, and share opportunities for District job openings, scholarships, dues relief, and more. In addition to the distribution of weekly emails to all of its members, the District continued to offer an additional free monthly subscription that could be received by all (e.g. members of other districts, sponsors, etc.). This provided the District a chance to endorse and thank generous supporters while expanding its reach to promote programming and events. District 10 maintained social media as a prominent platform to enlighten and unify its members on a daily basis. Monthly campaigns were crafted with unique intention and ensured all posts were cohesive and branded by including its one-of-a-kind “hang 10” logo. Some campaigns were designed to educate all on District 10 roles, while others were more light-hearted by sharing fun material such as fun facts or member’s favorite recipes. More importantly, several campaigns specifically aimed to further expose the agencies District 10 represents. This allowed for more relatable and exciting content as followers looked forward to seeing themselves, their agencies, and/or colleagues publicly featured and celebrated. Overall, the District’s new task force paved the way for a new style of communication and marketing by uniquely educating and celebrating the amazing programs, parks, and people of District 10.


REGION Winner:
CPRS Region 1 
Region 1 Fall Forum - A Magical Day Long Training for Northern California!

Region 1 (Districts 1, 2 & 3) hosts the Fall Forum one-day mini conference every year CPRS state conference is not held in Northern California. Our main goal is to provide diverse, accessible training opportunities and on-going education to our membership. Unfortunately, not all recreation professionals can attend the statewide conference in Southern California, Fall Forum provides a local, more affordable option for professionals. Although Fall Forum is only a one-day conference, the Region 1 team set out to provide a robust catalog of diverse educational sessions for the membership. 
This year's training was held on November 2 in Woodland, CA and was attended by approximately 275 recreation professionals from all over Region 1 and Northern California. This number was higher than the 2022 Fall Forum attendance and more in line with pre-COVID attendance numbers for the event.  There were a wide range of professionals who attended Fall Forum, from part-time staff to full-time Coordinators, Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents and Directors. This wide array of professionals led us to realize that the goal to provide diverse educational opportunities for every level of park and recreation professional was achieved. 
CPRS Region 1 leaders sought out speakers to lead educational sessions on Programming, Facilities & Operations, Leadership & Management, JEDI and Staffing/Recruitment. We ended up with more educational sessions than any previous Fall Forum! The topics and speakers were amazing and knowledgeable! We even had a session that taught about leadership the Ted Lasso Way - so creative!

Our innovative approach to Fall Forum this year was not only to offer a more diverse and robust catalog of educational sessions, but to also lean into a popular theme that would get the membership excited about attending. We planned a social at a nearby establishment, and they were in the midst of a week-long Harry Potter pop-up event. We decided to coordinate efforts and really immerse ourselves in the wizarding world to join the fun! We encouraged participants to dress up in their Harry Potter robes, shirts, and cardigans, and we were pleasantly surprised to see people show up excited and dressed in their Harry Potter best. 
We also added a little excitement to the registration table. After checking in, participants had the chance to get sorted. We had a sorting hat available that described each house and the characteristics of its members. Those looking to be sorted could read about the wizarding houses and then decide which house they wanted to belong to. Upon deciding, attendees received their house sticker to add to their nametag and wear proudly all day long! These were simple but fun thematic elements that really made the experience memorable for attendees and created natural conversation starters to help build connections and relationships.

2022 Board 100 Award Recipients

CPRS Development & Operations
SORE (AB 1346) Outreach and Engagement Programs

The Development and Operations Section (D&O) prides itself on providing best practices to staff involved with the planning, development, maintenance and operations of park facilities. Late in 2021, members of the D&O Board began tracking the progress of Assembly Bill 1346 which aimed to ban the sale of new small off-road engines (SORE) under 25 gross horsepower by 2024.This includes pivotal landscaping equipment utilized to maintain parks on a daily basis including, but not limited to leaf blowers, lawnmowers, chainsaws, and pressure washers. After the adoption of AB 1346 on October 9, 2021, the D&O Board immediately began planning outreach and engagement opportunities for all interested parties.

The D&O Section successfully informed agencies of the impacts of AB 1346 via web announcements, social media posts and programs. This included one dedicated program to SORE legislation held on January 13, 2022. The D&O section sought to develop partnerships with equipment manufacturers and batter-powered advocates and succeeded in doing so by forming a strong partnership with the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) and B&M Landscaping and Mean Green Mowers. Additional programs in 2022 featuring SORE content were held during the annual Park Symposium in March and the Park Planning and Development Institute in October.  Program content included grant opportunities for battery-powered equipment purchases, hands-on training on battery-operated landscape equipment and networking opportunities with advocacy and partner organizations. Last, park specific feasibility studies were presented on equipment conversions with pertinent information regarding charge times, equipment lifespans, performance and pricing (courtesy of the cities of Glendale and Redwood City).

CPRS District 10
Triple Threat Trifecta

CPRS District 10 historically holds numerous successful educational and networking events each year. The start of the 2022 board year was no exception. To accommodate our membership work schedule and minimize the number of trips to the various events, the Fall General Membership Meeting and Vendor Expo, Mentoring Program, and Fall Social was all held on the same day, resulting in a “Triple Threat Trifecta” on October 12, 2022.

The Fall General Membership Meeting and Vendor Expo provided a variety of educational sessions to CPRS District 10 members. This event also showcased and connected members to various vendors and sponsors to cultivate professional relationships and CPRS District 10 trainings, events, and activities were promoted. The Mentoring Program introduced the mentors and mentees to each other in order to facilitate successful mentorships. Discussions were had about the mentee's desired goals for participating in the program and examined the mentee's career plan in order to enhance it. The Fall Social had the CPRS District 10 members networking in a fun, relaxed environment. The Triple Threat Trifecta was a very successful event that had the Fall General Membership meeting attended by more than 100 parks and recreation professionals which is a record number of attendees. Two free CPRS 2023 Conference passes were raffled off to members in attendance. Attendance at all three events consisted of many cities that do not typically participate in CPRS District 10 activities.

REGION Winner:
CPRS Region 2
Region 2 Mini Conference: Plug in and Power Up

This year the Region 2 had specific goals in mind when hosting the Mini Conference Plug in and Power Up. Region 2 hoped to connect with their communities and plug in to networking and educational opportunities in order to return to individual agencies with batteries charged and ready to perform. 

After a 2 year hiatus due to COVID-19, attendees were thrilled to have this local educational opportunity return which was evident through the high volume of registrants. Over 175 attendees had the opportunity to connect with parks and recreation professionals, both members and non-members of CPRS across Region 2: Districts 4, 5 and 6. Region 2 consists of San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. In addition, the Region 2 Mini Conference had attendees who came from other districts as far south as El Cajon.

Attendees had the opportunity to network with one another during the morning check-in over coffee and pastries, lunch, time in between sessions and at the social which was held post-conference. Attendees participated in educational sessions and were encouraged to connect individually with session speakers throughout the day. Informative and engaging sessions covered a variety of topics and provided attendees with opportunities to learn, challenge their thought process to think differently, develop new skills, ask questions, brainstorm, and share. 

Attendees left the conference feeling rejuvenated with their batteries charged and with new skills and knowledge that could then be shared and implemented in their own agencies. "The Los Altos team really enjoyed the conference and will be sharing its highlights with the entire department today during our quarterly staff meeting." The mini conference reminded professionals of the importance of building connections and peer relationships.  The mission of CPRS is to “advance the park and recreation profession through education, networking, resources and advocacy.” The Region 2 Mini Conference encapsulated and exemplifies exactly that.

2021 Board 100 Award Recipients

SECTION Winner:CPRS Board 100 Award D&O Section
CPRS Development & Operations Section 
2021 Virtual Park Symposium
Originally planned as an in-person program in San Diego, the 2021 Virtual Park Symposium was changed to a virtual format 12 weeks before the event date. Hence, a new park facility needed to be secured that could not only support all means of digital media, but parks specific maintenance demonstrations as well. In addition, program content had to be shifted away from in-person opportunities to digital session slides, video panel discussions and live streaming platforms. Unchartered territory for the program included coordinating speakers, vendors and participants located throughout the state; staffing for program moderators and reporters "in the field"; locating resources for live streaming demonstrations; and mailing large program "swag bags". Interestingly enough, the unexpected benefit of shifting the Park Symposium to a virtual platform was reaching audiences far and wide who may not have had the opportunity to join in in-person. Hence, future Development & Operations Park Symposiums will consider including virtual elements to capture those members restricted by travel.

DISTRICT Winner:CPRS Board 100 Award D8
CPRS District 8

2021 Fall Forum Conference, Live and In Person
District 8 has held a successful Fall Forum as long as anyone on the board can remember, and some of us have been attending for going on 15 years. That is, until 2020 blew up everyone's plans for maintaining the status quo. But there's nothing like a disruption of epic proportions to assist in the reimagining of a long-standing event. 
Initially discussed at our Board Retreat in April, it was apparent by late Spring of 2021 that our area was in a position to be able to host some version of an in person Fall Forum so we set about planning for a single day conference type event. Hosted at the Hotel Corque in historic downtown Solvang on Friday, October 8th, 2021, we were excited to bring people together for a fun, professional development opportunity for the first time in more than a year.
The board and planning committee focused on 3 primary goals:
1. Networking/Gathering in Person
2. Professional Development
3. Promoting Leadership within CPRS District 8

2020 Board 100 Award Recipients

REGION Winner:         
Region 1 Fall Forum - reconfigured into the virtual
2020 CARE Conference
because Corona Ain't Ruining Everything!

As the name (CARE = Corona Ain’t Running Everything) indicates, the impact of Covid-19 was significant in every aspect of the planning and delivery of this event.  The traditional Region 1 Fall Forum had to be transitioned from an in-person 1-day event into a virtual 5-day conference.  Everything was done virtually, from the 8 months of team planning meetings, to the event itself. Speakers had to adjust their presentation to an on-line format. Room hosts had to become proficient at Zoom and its many features. Organizers had to develop on-line activities for networking. Technical support and teamwork became paramount to pivot and adapt as the entire Park and Recreation industry responded to Covid-19. While Covid-19 presented numerous challenges in the planning and delivery of this event, the planning team’s innovative response created unexpected positives. Most notably, the 2020 format saw an unexpected increase in member participation, totaling 330 attendees. The virtual structure included more out-of-area speakers than previous Fall Forums.  Also, the on-line sessions were recorded, and are now a resource that can reach even more Park and Recreation professionals.

DISTRICT Winner:      
CPRS D4 Swag Store

Early into the pandemic, the CPRS District 4 Board recognized that countless agencies and professionals throughout the state and in our district were being adversely impacted by COVID-19. The District 4 Exec Board established the CPRS D4 Swag Store as a fundraiser to sell branded park and recreation swag.

As a result of the D4 Swag Store, the District 4 Board team successfully:

  1. Curated a website, designed custom artwork, and established processes for invoicing, purchasing and shipping. 
  2. Worked tirelessly for a nationwide launch of the D4 Swag Shop via social media (CPRS District 4 Facebook/Instagram and the Women in Parks and Recreation Facebook group) and CPRS member emails that resulted in selling 390 masks and 1,264 stickers to people from 14 out of 15 CPRS districts as well as from 27 states as far as Texas, Florida and Maryland purchasing swag to support our efforts.
  3. In just 2.5 months, the Swag Shop has generated over $5,200 in net revenue for the District that will go toward continuing to advocate for our profession by supporting new and returning CPRS District 4 members.

SECTION Winner:       
Recreation Section School of Rec Virtual Conference

The Recreation Section was fully prepared to bring back Super Cal rebranded as the School of Rec, in-person in Lake Arrowhead, California. When COVID hit, the board had to make a big decision. Cancel School of Rec or go virtual. With no format to copy, the Rec Section Board pulled all of their resources and creativity to put on the first virtual conference within CPRS. With budgets in mind, the conference was offered at a small flat rate for members and non-members. School of Rec T-shirts were also created for participants to purchase. The goal was to offer support for the recreation profession as a whole. It was important that we had a mix of educational sessions including a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion panel. We all know how important conference is to refueling our passion for recreation and connection. 6 months after the first COVID shutdown, the School of Rec Conference brought in some of the State's best speakers to present and provide education and inspiration to over 150 professionals. The theme of the conference was "Return of the Rec", in recognition of the resiliency of the incredible people we saw transforming the world of recreation in order to continue serving their communities in the time of COVID.